Highlights On  Mobile Homes

A mobile home is a portable house on wheels. It has developed historically: Examples of mobile living in wooden houses can initially be found in the world, where farmers used this inexpensive variant of the mobile home to move with their cattle pastures.

Since these small wooden houses are cheap to manufacture, they quickly spread to other people for whom healthy, urban living is too expensive. They often live in relatively large trailer parks in the States. They usually park their mobile homes there permanently.

 Mobile Home Legislation

The mobile home is not considered a house in the traditional sense. Concerning the applicable legal provisions, it is a hybrid between a vehicle and a house. Because it is mobile, it can bypass building regulations.

Long-term campers take advantage of this situation to set up their cheap accommodation on a campsite, where they are, however, only more or less tolerated in some cases.

The mobile home is not street legal in Germany. It is not allowed to drive independently on the road, but has to be attached to a towing vehicle – due to its size, usually to a truck. In terms of traffic, this is what distinguishes it from a mobile home. It is then considered to be a special transport with all the applicable labelling and speed limit regulations.

 Existing property or mobile home?

 The comparison between existing properties or the mobile home is lagging a little: in terms of costs and living comfort, there are worlds between the two types of housing. As a rule, the mobile home rarely has a living space of more than 20 to 25 m², often even less. So it is at most as big as a smaller room in a typical apartment and only slightly larger than a caravan or trailer. Also, real estate is more stable in value than mobile homes. Quadwalls are great dealers of cheap real estate buildings.

 The latter naturally wear out relatively quickly. Even if some people live like this permanently, they soon struggle with water dripping from the roof and numerous leaks. You don’t even want to think about staying in a mobile home during a storm. But of course, they also have advantages.

 Advantages of mobile homes

 The most significant advantage arises on the cost side: A mobile home in a smaller version can already be in the four-digit price range. Slightly larger models cost between around 15,000 to 35,000 euros. Anyone who lives in it has found an extremely affordable option for homeownership. Also, the other building regulations for private homes do not apply to construction.

. The mobile homes that can be found there include petite, simple models, but also luxury versions. Attention must be paid to the supply of electricity and water and the discharge of wastewater. There can be a septic tank on the trailer park and to this in turn, in favorable cases, a sewer pipe from the mobile home


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