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Cleaning Tips On Different Materials

When we prepare to clean our house, doubts may arise about which is the best product for the correct cleaning of different materials. Some parts of the house need unique materials to clean them effectively. In this article that Euro Maids has prepared, the recommendations are collected according to the type of equipment we are going to clean. This will help you know how to clean various materials perfectly. 

  1. Park

It is primarily a very delicate material, especially if you live in a humid environment. The main recommendations to take into account are:

  • Better to vacuum than sweep
  • Scrub as little as possible and always with the water well-drained. You can apply white vinegar to keep the parquet shiny.
  • Specialized products can also help you.
  1.    Marble

Possibly you have a marble surface in your house. If you find a natural alternative for cleaning this material, you will get it to be perfect.

  • Remove all the dirt and dust that is added to the different places. If you want to do a deep cleaning, do it with warm water, baking soda, alcohol, and a little liquid soap. Thus, you will get the polish you are looking for.
  1.    Ceramics

Caring for this material is essential if you want to maintain its natural shine. In general, the utensils that are most used for cleaning are warm water, baking soda, and white vinegar. You will see how shiny it is. 

  1.    Vinyl flooring

We know that this flooring is straightforward to install. To be durable over time, certain aspects must be taken into account to maintain their properties like the first day:

  • Microfiber vacuum cleaner and mop. They are ideal for managing this type of floor, mainly if a large amount of dust and even sand is generated.
  • Use moderate water to prevent them from entering between the joints causing bad odours and dampness over time.
  • Quickly wipe off any liquid spills to avoid discoloration.

In addition to these tips, from Euro maids, we always recommend being informed about the material we have at home. If necessary, contact a professional specialized in each material not to damage it during cleaning and learn about both the natural and individual products available for each type of content.

If you are looking for a professional company to help you clean your home, wait no more! Euro maids are ready to meet your needs.


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