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Why Your AC Smells Bad and How to Fix It?

A good night’s sleep is essential for healthy functioning of the brain and body. In summers, Singapore experiences a very hot climate where the temperature can reach 34–35-degree centigrade. In such a scenario, air conditioners are not a luxury but a necessity. they form the basic elements of a comfortable sleep.

Imagine after a tiring day of hard work, you are being welcomed by the foul odour of your air conditioner. Not only will you be unable to sleep, but you also would be not able to breathe properly and the last thing you would do is to switch on such a stinking air conditioner. Foul smell is a sign of some issue in the aircon, which required immediate expert assessment.

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Reasons for a foul smell in aircon:

External causes of a bad aircon smell

No matter it is a residential or commercial aircon, all of them run on the same principle of absorbing external warm air and cooling it in the coils and then releasing it through the ducts. Now, if the air outside of your home, which is absorbed by the aircon, is bad in odour, your aircon will naturally give bad odour to you.

There can be multiple reasons for a bad odour the source of which can be traced outside of your home. There can be a leaking car, decaying garbage, dead animals, pollution, etc which cause a foul smell in your air conditioner.

Refrigerator leaks

When there is a refrigerant leak, the aircon unit would emit an exhaust like smell. In such cases, the pipes or the insulation must be changed and normally it may solve the problem. In some rare cases, then a gas top-up would be of help.

Clogged AC drains

Clogged drains emit the smell of an old sock or smelly feet. The only solution is to clean the aircon drains of any clog and avoid water leaks at all cost.

Overheating or burning issue

If something emits a burning smell, there is real fire in all probability. There are multiple reasons for a file or overheating in air conditioner units. Sparking or wires, overheated motor, etc are some of the reasons for fire in the aircon unit. If your unit is emitting such a smell, the first thing you must do is turn off the HVAC unit


If your aircon unit is emitting a foul odour, you must contact an aircon service provider because it requires hvac services greenville sc. Sometimes, you may make the issue worse by choosing to self-administer the problem. Airconservices.org is 24/7 ready for your help. You can also connect with them on their social media handles of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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