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Why We Need To Install Alarm At Home


Protecting our home from the presence of thieves is essential. Although it is always recommended to install an alarm connected to any company or security service, nowadays, “low cost” alarms have become fashionable.

These types of alarms are cheap, effective, and easy to install. In this post, we will explain how to install a signal at home, low cost. Keep in mind that these alarms are not connected to a monitoring centre. We only need to configure them so that when it detects a stranger’s presence like access control systems chicago, it warns us that someone has entered the house because the responsibility to act will be ours alone.

How To Install An Inexpensive Home Alarm

Installation is simple if you follow the following steps:

  1. The first thing is to recognize what brings the low-cost alarm that we buy. You will notice its main piece, which is the control unit, and you should place it near the entrance of the house but not at hand (so that intruders do not see it and try to disconnect it).
  2. If you chose a low-cost alarm connected to the wifi network, you must make sure that it has a good signal. Otherwise, the solution is to buy an ethernet cable and connect it to the router from the alarm.
  3. After choosing the location of your low-cost alarm, you must also connect the accompanying sensors, which are, in fact, the ones that will detect anyone who enters the house.

If it is a wifi alarm, you must also configure the sensors with the network. In the case of a GSM control unit, the sensors usually come already set, so you do not have to do anything more than place them.

  1. Remember that if you are going to install a wifi alarm at home, you must also install the corresponding application for your smartphone and use the configuration guide to accompany your control unit.
  2. If you decide to install a GSM home alarm, you will need to insert a SIM card, so it will notify you through a message or call to your number. You can also configure the control unit to alert other numbers you add.

Some recommendations, after installing the low-cost home alarm are:

If installing an inexpensive home alarm, make sure the control unit has a battery backup if the power fails, so the alarm remains operational.

This will protect the equipment from power surges and ensure the burglar alarm will function.

You must be careful with the batteries because, in a low-cost home alarm system, the wireless sensors work with batteries (standard 9v or AAA). This is good because you can mount them wherever you want, without being near electrical outlets.

But keep in mind that time passes quickly, and you could forget to change them, rendering the sensor useless. We recommend taking a note or setting a reminder on your phone for 3 to 4 months to check how the sensors are.



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