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Why Should You Opt For Acrylic Metal Photo Prints?

When it comes to the medium of photo printing, you may likely be confused with the choices you have in hand. You may want to go the traditional way, i.e. printing on canvas, but you should consider the modern, contemporary ways of photo printing, e.g. acrylic and metal too before you make that choice. While numerous acrylic printing labs still prefer to print on the photo paper, some others try the non-conventional way of printing the photo directly on the acrylic. However, this reduces the quality of the photos in terms of detailing and it loses its sharpness to some degree. 

Does that mean the paper is the only option you have? 

Of course not! 

Some professional photo printing labs directly apply inks on the metal sheet, which gives a unique and elegant resultant photo. The main disadvantage of this type of printing is that the resultant photo isn’t waterproof. But if the ink is infused into the metal sheet by applying heat and pressure, a high-definition, waterproof and scratch-resistant product is obtained. For example, the Big Acrylic aluminum photo prints are made in this manner. 

However, you should consider a few other factors while choosing the medium for printing your photos as follow:

  • The HD metal prints offer a vibrant 3D appearance to the photo, making it adorn the exterior or interior walls of your house.
  • The metal prints are way cost-effective than conventional acrylic prints and they are also lighter, thus easier to carry around.
  • The surface of the metal, on which the photo is printed, determines the brightness and vividness of the image. 
  • When compared to canvas, they are waterproof and resistant to scratches, which also makes them last longer. 
  • The metal prints don’t fade away easily with time, thus making it one of the wisest choices for home décor. 

All landscape images look amazing on the metal sheet, especially if it’s aluminum. You can also print black and white photos on metal, as it offers more contrast to the image. Last but not least, you should consider reaching out to a reliable company that doesn’t charge a fortune for getting your images printed on a metal sheet. 

Wrapping it up

If you’re planning to hold an exhibition with an array of bright-colored vibrant photographs, you should go for HD metal prints, as they are easier to transport and last longer than their peers. The customers will be happy, thus ensuring the success of your exhibition. 


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