What People Did In Their Backyard When There Was A Pandemic Situation


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole scenario in our lifestyle has drastically changed. Most of us are stuck indoors and working from our home, some of us are helping our kids with their schoolwork. Also, we are trying some new ways to pass our time. 

However, many people are also seizing this opportunity and trying to make it a point to enjoy the sunshine during springtime in all possible ways. The following are a few of the things that many people can also do in their backyard during this pandemic situation. 

  • Backyard golf lessons

During this period, many people decided to give a try to the golf game and decided to use their backyard space to practice their swings. Quite a few people who are almost nearing their retirement age could really enjoy playing golf in their backyard. 

They had thought of joining golf courses in Ohio to try it and since this period when it was lock-down in most of the places, people could learn enough of golf at their home itself. 

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  • A bar in your yard

Quite of few people had no time earlier to grab a drink at any of their favorite local bars but thanks to the present situation now they can have their favorite drink right in their backyard. 

Most of the couples these days spend their evenings in the backyard where they have created their own pub-shed, which also has got removable windows, fitted with TV so that one can watch movies of their choice, for which earlier they had no time to spare. 

Now, many people are also working on their building and busy creating their bar outside that was present inside of their home. By using vinyl flooring and a ceiling, they have created their outside bar.

  • Camping close to home

Many people are treating this pandemic period as vacation and have started camping in their backyard with their family and kids. Nowadays, kids can get free from their virtual school, and thereafter most of them are free.

So, most parents want to keep them engaged so that their mind does not get distracted with the negative news about COVID-19 that keeps on flashing day in and day out on TV.

Those who are little grown-up children may be busy with their distance learning course and they too can come out with their laptops and sitting before them for hours.

  • Picnic in a pickup

For quite a few people the idea stuck in their mind to go for a picnic and they gathered all their kids and surprised them by announcing a picnic. They used their pickup truck, where all tables and chairs were set up. 

Kids were doing their homework while the parents were busy preparing a nice dish by creating an environment of a picnic.

  • A pool-sized hot tub

Although the climate was still a bit chilly but that did not stop a few families to gather around their swimming pool where they enjoyed swimming in hot water.  All family along with the kids enjoyed it.

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