Various features of Anthracite Radiators

In modern times radiators should not only fulfil their function but also complement the decor of the rooms. Apart from conventional black and white radiators, another kind of radiator is being widely preferred by people. This radiator is known as anthracite radiator. Anthracite is a type of coal which has a high percentage of pure carbon which burns with little flame. You need to understand that anthracite radiators are not made of anthracite or use anthracite as a heating source. The finish of the radiator is a medium or dark grey which resembles anthracite, hence the name. It is usually made of aluminium or steel.


Flat Panel- Flat panel anthracite radiators are very space-efficient and can easily integrate into any interior decor. The surface area is more which enables more amount of heat to be radiated inside the room. They are very sleek in appearance and can also be hung from the walls.

Column- Column style radiator has a very traditional look. But anthracite finish converts traditional look into a modern, classy appearance which can fit in a modern layout. Thus, Column style anthracite radiators blend high heat output of column radiators with modern anthracite finish. Column anthracite radiators come in both horizontal and vertical models.

Oval- Oval anthracite radiators are like column radiators, but the columns are oval. The Oval shape doesn’t have much effect on the function of the radiator, but the combination of oval design and anthracite finish makes it stand out in the room. It adds a very stylish element to the interior design.

Double Panel- Double panel anthracite radiators have two layers of heat panels. One panel emits heat while the other panel rests on the wall. Such radiators have very high heat output and also increase the temperature of the room very quickly. Hence, they are suitable for very large rooms.

Feature- Feature anthracite radiators are special types of designer radiators which look more like a piece of art rather than a radiator. For example, a square-shaped zigzagged design anthracite radiator. Search radiators stand out for their eye-catching designs.

Towel- Towel anthracite radiators are designed for use in bathrooms to keep the towels dry and impart warmth to the moisture-laden bathrooms. The anthracite finish is not affected by moisture and steam present in the bathroom. Apart from straight design, panel design anthracite towel radiators are available in the market. In addition, curved towel anthracite radiators have also become popular. The curved design increases the drying speed of the towels by allowing more air to pass through them.


Some of the main benefits of anthracite radiators are as follows.

  • Regardless of the design of the anthracite radiator, its sleek profile will enhance the aesthetics of the room. Anthracite radiator blends in any room irrespective of its layout.
  • Anthracite radiator becomes the focal point of the room due to its elegant look. It stands out from other fixtures present in the room.
  • Anthracite radiators come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and styles. Thus, it is easy to pick the right choice as per the look of your room.
  • Anthracite finish of the radiator makes it blend with any room decor.
  • Anthracite radiators are affordable, which helps you in adding glamour to your home without spending too much money.
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