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Tips to maintain cotton carpets.

Looking for a soft and sustainable decor for your floor to keep it warm? Cotton carpet is the best buy for it. They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and prints so you can easily find the one that suits the vibe of your home. Cotton carpet keeps your feet warm and lasts for years if you maintain it the right way. They are super eco-friendly, so hey! That’s some contribution towards climate change, isn’t it?

If you do buy a cotton carpet, make sure you clean it from time to time as when you have people coming over to your place, they are for sure going to get distracted when they walk on the cotton carpet and feel the soft and coziness under their feet. With that being said, your cotton carpet is bound to get a little spoiled and dusty, so let’s discover a few ways you can maintain your cotton carpet.

  1. Wash with mild detergent – If you’ve purchased a colour-fast cotton carpet, consider washing it with your own hands rather than a washing machine. And use a mild detergent and a soft sponge. Make sure you don’t go rough with the rubbing and gently wash off the detergent with lukewarm water.
  2. Remove the residue – Next, to remove the residue, go into your kitchen and get your hands on white vinegar and apply some of it over your cotton carpet and then add a little baking soda over the vinegar and wait until you see some bubbles pop up. Once the bubbles start popping up, put on your cleaning gloves and wash off the vinegar and baking soda, again with lukewarm water.
  3. Remove the moisture – Once you’re done with cleaning the dirt off your cotton carpet, roll it under a thick cotton towel and then stand over it, applying a little pressure, just to make sure you get rid of the moisture as much as you can. Don’t leave your cotton carpet to dry off immediately after washing it.
  4. Vacuum it – Vacuum off the remaining moisture after you’re done washing it, and also make it a habit to vacuum your cotton carpet every now and then before washing it, so that there’s less dirt on the carpet for you to wash off that day.

Note – If the dyes of your cotton carpet aren’t colourfast, use a mixture of 4 parts cold water and 1 part white vinegar, or sprinkle cornstarch on top and vacuum after 24 hours.

If there are any stain spots that you want to clean and not the entire cotton carpet, you can simply just take a toothbrush and dip it in diluted hydrogen peroxide and rub it over the spot until the stain vanishes. Then blow dry that area, and voila! Your cotton carpet is as clean and new as the day you bought it. For a quick clean, you can get yourself a carpet shampoo off the market too if you don’t want to use white vinegar and baking soda, but make sure it’s for cotton carpet and not any other materials.

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