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Tips on Making Your Bathroom Conducive to Mindfulness Sessions

The key to an excellent mindfulness session is the right environment. Some people might say that it doesn’t matter where you do the activity as long as you can follow the right techniques. The truth is that it is easier to relax if the place is conducive to the mindfulness activity. At home, the bathroom is one of the best areas.

It’s a quiet space where you can be alone. If you have children, they might not leave you alone. It will only happen once you step inside the bathroom. Therefore, if you have that opportunity, you should make the most of it. You can even transform the bathroom to make it more conducive to your mindfulness session. These tips are worth considering.

Buy some scented candles

To place you in a meditative mode, you have to activate your senses. It includes your sense of smell. It helps if you have some scented candles that you can light. It will help you feel relaxed right away. Make sure you don’t put them next to a flammable object. Once you’re meditating, you might not be aware if something is burning. Choose your favourite scent and use it.

Invest in a surround sound system

Having this equipment at home can be useful for several reasons. You can use it to watch movies on a TV you can install on the wall or listen to songs you can jam with while bathing. If you want to meditate, you can play relaxing songs to put you in the mood. Of course, you define what makes you relaxed. Not everyone can relax with soft music. Others prefer rock songs.

Buy a bathtub

If you have more money to splurge, you can invest in a bathtub. It’s the most relaxing thing ever. You can forget all your problems when you have one. Since it helps you relax, it can also put you in a meditative mode. Consider a freestanding bath for easy installation. Apart from a bathtub, you can also consider a steam bath as an alternative. It also helps you relax while bathing. It’s more practical, but the effect could be the same.

Invest in a soundproofed wall

You can make your bathroom wall soundproof. It prevents you from hearing anything outside and vice versa. It will help make the place even more relaxing. Of course, the downside is that if there’s something bad going on outside, you won’t hear it. However, if you feel confident about safety and being able to relax is your priority, you should consider a soundproofed wall.

It might feel frustrating to meditate at first, especially if you don’t achieve your goal. Sometimes, meditating can be exhausting instead of relaxing. The good thing is that you can try these changes and improve the atmosphere in the bathroom. It might be useful in meditating, but you can also do it just to relax. It’s one of the reasons why you stay longer in the bathroom after all.



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