Three Tips to Consider when Designing your Kitchen

In terms of the interior design of your kitchen, there is more to it than meets the eye. Aside from considering the colourways and decorative features, you must get the flow of the space, work surfaces, and the position of the appliances just right. This will ensure the functionality of your space in a way that fits the lifestyle needs of your family. Professional interior designers from Cuisines Rosemère will help you achieve the design of your dreams and give you design ideas like the following:

Properly Spaced-Planned Layout

Your kitchen designer will make sure everything is where you need it. For instance, they will think about where and how your breakfast cereals and bowls must be near the breakfast table or kitchen island. Breadboard and bread storage must be near the toaster and cups near the teapot or boiling water top.

If you want to install your hob on an island, your designer may recommend incorporating a prep sink on the island. This way, you don’t need to walk across the main kitchen thoroughfare with pans of boiling water to reach the main sink. Moreover, kitchen designers make sure the gap between cabinetry runs wide enough and get the direction of traffic right.

Pick the Right Cabinet Colours

When choosing the kitchen cabinet colour, consider how they will make the room feel.  Your decision is greatly based on the amount of natural daylight the room gets and where in the space the kitchen sits. Thus, if you want the designer to design a kitchen extension with the dining and living areas overlooking the garden, with the kitchen units at the darker part of the room, opt for light-coloured cabinetry will reflect light around back into the part of the room and make it feel bigger.

But, picking the right colour for your kitchen cabinets is not only about light. A grainy wood finish for your units will introduce interest and texture into an otherwise featureless room. Moreover, if you wish to introduce a bold colour to your kitchen, consider bright colours as they can add instant personality to the space.

Choose the Best Finish for your Kitchen Units

Your choice of kitchen unit colours is often based on the style of your house. If you have a modern house, you want to invest in high-gloss units and mid-sheen and matt finishes. A traditional house or period home should be equipped with units that have mid-sheen or matt finish. 

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