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Things You Must Do and Avoid When Choosing Wallpaper

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Wallpapers are back in trend these days. It can easily transform the appearance of a room. It gives an appealing look and feel to the room. The wallpaper adds texture, pattern and colour to walls and makes a room look unique in a way that simple paint can’t do. You don’t have to feel restricted because of the room size when considering wallpaper as an option for giving it a new look.

Wallpapers are not only an option for decorating large open-plan spaces, but the right choice can also bring life to a small room. Working with the best commercial wallpaper sellers like FEATHER can help you to get what you are looking for and avoid quite the hassle. The mission of FEATHER is to fill the world with more art with minimalistic decoration. They are percipient workers as they use modern digital tools to make it affordable for everyone.

Although it is a fantastic option, it is also something you don’t want to get wrong.

Here is what to do and avoid when choosing wallpaper for your room.

Try before buying

It is evident. However, many people skip this step when choosing wallpaper. Even though people test paints, they avoid this when it comes to wallpaper. It is a good idea to try out sample wallpaper options before you buy the whole roll. Try samples of wallpaper on the wall you wish to decorate with it.

It will help you look at the colour and texture in the natural light. Almost all the retailers provide sample wallpaper to try out. At the same time, it will help you coordinate paint and plan decoration for the rest of the room.

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The pattern is not the only option

Some people believe patterns are the only option available in wallpapers. But this is not the case. You don’t need to opt for heavy pattern to make a powerful statement for the room. You can also opt for beautiful plain, simple wallpapers to add texture and colour to the room. Plain wallpapers are always applicable as an alternative to paint.

Here are a few wallpaper trends you can consider –

  • Textured Faux wallpaper
  • Bold Bohemian wallpaper
  • Warm Mosaic wallpaper
  • Bright Forest wallpaper
  • Lush Green Wallpapers
  • Uneven Finish wallpapers

When purchasing the wallpaper, you must also consider ways to stick it on the walls. Usually, there are three ways you can use to paste wallpaper, pre-pasted, paste the wall and paste the wallpaper. If you want to paste your wallpaper without going through much hassle pre-pasted option is the best one for you.

On the other hand, you also need to keep these tips in your mind. The first thing you keep in mind is to find durable wallpaper. It won’t be an ideal choice to go through all the hassle of searching and pasting wallpaper to fallout after a few months.

At the same time, you must look for wallpaper that is easy to maintain. In this way, you can avoid problems in future. Take some time and think about your choices and try them out on the wall you want to paste them for better judgement.

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