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Steps To Conduct Basement Finishing 


The basement can be of immense advantage to you rather than just storing things. You can add basement finishing and remodeling to your wish list and gift yourself a DIY basement.

There are effortless steps for finishing the basement in Chicago. Some of the steps may include selecting floors, insulating walls, and remodeling a ceiling so that the lower level transforms into a beautiful living area. So, let’s look at the steps to finish a basement for you.

Things To Do Before Basement Finishing

There are certain things that you need to do before framing and insulating walls for your basement finishing. Let’s get the basement ready for remodeling.

  • Clean Out: First and foremost, you need to remove all the clutter from your basement. It will allow you more space to work on your DIY project.
  • Take A Moisture Test: You need to conduct a moisture test to check if your basement requires waterproofing or not. If you don’t consider this step, the basement finishing and remodeling can fail due to the sneaky leakages.
  • Research Permits For Basement: Research to avail the suitable permits of the building and business codes, so you know about the exact measurement of the basement.
  • Gather All The Required Materials: The number of equipment depends on the size of the DIY project. Measure the area before buying materials for the basement. Assemble all the required materials and tools before starting.

Steps To Conduct Basement Finishing

Basement Walls

The Steps To Install Basement Walls Are:

  • Insulation Installation: The first step to install the walls of the basement is to fix the insulation. Cut the foam in proportion to the height of the ceiling and fix it using an adhesive. 
  • Framing Of The Walls: Install blocking to the walls to frame it with fitted two-by-four joists. Align everything properly and try to remove any gaps in between.
  • Drywall Installation: Finally, install drywall to complete the steps of installing the walls of the basement.

Basement Floor

Follow The Steps Given Below To Remodel The Basement Floor:

  • Select Flooring: The first step is to select flooring for the finishing basement in Chicago.
  • Install Flooring And Subflooring: Now, lay down the sheets on the floor and fix them using adhesive.

Basement Ceiling

The last step is to remodel the basement ceiling. You need to select whether you want a drywall ceiling or a drop ceiling. Place the basement ceiling according to your choice.

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