Steps to Clean the Doormat

Very often, our life is surrounded by objects that we do not pay attention to. However, the role of these things, in our subjective opinion, is very underestimated. Today, we will talk about the entrance mat. This accessory plays a very important role and fulfils a significant function in everyday life.

A rug placed at the door traps street dirt, which means it needs to be cleaned periodically. We collect for you all the methods, tips and tricks for tidying up this modest accessory. A doormat is the first impression of you, and of an apartment, as a citadel of cleanliness and comfort. We all know how important the first impression is. So let’s not spoil it.

So, let’s take a look at the most effective ways to keep our rug clean, regardless of the weather outside the window.

How to clean the doormat?

According to statistics, almost 75% of the dirt brought from the street settles on the rug by the front door. You can imagine how this product gets dirty over time. If you think you just need to shake the rug for a while to complete the cleaning, you are wrong. More responsible actions are required here.

1. Wet cleaning

To clean a rubber-based doormat, you can use the wet method to remove dirt. You will need a special shampoo for this. Before washing, the product must be thoroughly shaken out to remove sand, debris and small stones. The washing procedure is quite easy:

A rug is placed in a wide container (for example, in a basin).

The shampoo is diluted with a little water according to the instructions on the bottle.

Use your hands or a soft brush to gently wash the upper and lower surfaces.

The mat is then thoroughly rinsed in a large volume of water to remove all foam.

The final stage is mandatory drying.

2. Dry cleaning

This option is suitable if you have a spiral nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. It can be used to vacuum the rug to remove sand from it. Using a vacuum cleaner with such a nozzle, it is even possible to try to remove the simplest stains. Dry shampoo is suitable for this. If you want to additionally disinfect the product, use a disinfectant. The product must be sprayed over the surface of the rug, then use a vacuum cleaner.

3. Foam cleaning

This method also involves the use of a vacuum cleaner:

First, vacuum the dry mat clean.

Dilute the cleaning agent with water until foam forms.

Apply a generous foam to the surface of the product. You need to wait for a little for the foam to absorb the dirt.

Now you need to vacuum the mat again, removing the foam along with the dirt.

If you decide to use this method, choose a special carpet cleaner in the store.

4. Machine wash

If your doormat is small, it is quite possible to load it into the washing machine in a gentle mode. We also advise you to consider two points:

-refuse to machine wash if the dirt is too serious (there is a risk of ruining the drum of the machine);

-do not forget to turn off the spin – this will save your rug from deformation.

If your home entrance rug is 100% cotton with a rubber base, then it can be easily placed in the washing machine and washed. Most importantly, we recommend checking the weight of the mat before sending it to the drum of the machine. Because if the rug is too heavy, it can negatively affect the further performance of your household appliances.

If your front door rug is 100% rubber, then we recommend cleaning it with high-pressure water using soap and a brush and then drying it in the sun.

The higher the quality of the outdoor mats, the more they will withstand washing and cleaning procedures.

5. A vinegar solution.

Add 1 tbsp of vinegar for 1 litre of water. Then treat the surface of the doormat with the solution using a regular brush for covering with a nap, and a hard brush for rubber rugs. Vinegar has long-established itself not only as a good disinfectant but also as an effective stain remover.

6. Steam cleaner

It has long been proven that microbes die at high and low temperatures. Therefore, you can also treat the surface of the mat with a steam cleaner. It combines high temperature and pressure, which means it will effectively disinfect it. Before you start working with a steam cleaner, we recommend you to vacuum your rug. If you don’t have such a device on your hand, it doesn’t matter. Alternatively, use a steam iron. Unfortunately, an ordinary iron will not help here. It does not give off the right amount of steam, and in order to eliminate germs, the rug will only need to be ironed. What, we repeat, should not be done. Because the pile of the rug can stain the surface of the iron.

 7. Baking soda

And finally, as always, the well-known baking soda will come to our rescue. This method of cleaning will turn out to be not only disinfecting, but also aromatized if we add aromatic oil to a pack of soda. To begin with, sprinkle the rug with the mixture, leave in this state for three hours. And then, collect the powder with a vacuum cleaner.

What else do you need to know about cleaning doormats?

Do not use abrasive products, they can damage the integrity of the rubber base and even damage the pile. It is recommended to dry the rug in a horizontal position – for example, on an old sheet on the floor. Do not hang it on a rope – creases may occur.


Using our simple yet effective tips, you can easily keep your favourite doormat clean and create that unforgettable first impression that we talked about in the beginning. Plus, keeping your entrance mat clean will help extend its life span.

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