Should Post Renovation Cleaning Be Done By A Professional Or DIY?

An interior design renovation can make any home look and feel brand-new. ‘My home has truly become a place like no other in the world’ is the phrase I uttered when my constructor completed my home renovation project.

There is one problem, however, and that is cleaning. The worst part of getting a home renovation is the mess that homeowners have to clean up before they can actually live in their newly-renovated home.

The same goes for what happened to me. Unfortunately, I am no cleaning fairy. I hate cleaning despite being a mother of two kids, so I often get a home disinfection service in Singapore to keep my home clean and fresh. Such a case is very true, particularly during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with all of the debris on the floor and every corner, I doubt that regular cleaning service will be enough.

After hours of thinking and discussion with my husband, we decided to call our go-to cleaning company. They were the ones we hired when we were moving in and needed cleaning services in Singapore five years ago in our current house.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Post Renovation Cleaning

My husband and I were overjoyed when our regular cleaning company said they could do post renovation cleaning. With our hectic schedule, deep cleaning the entire house would be time-consuming and exhausting chores.

Below are the other benefits of hiring a professional post renovation cleaning.

· Get The Job Done Quickly

Since they are experts and have years of experience in post renovation cleaning, it only took a day and a half to get things done. When we inspected each room, there was no speck of dust, debris, etc.

· Have The Right Tools For The Job

Their quick post renovation cleaning service is only possible because they own the right tools for the job. They even brought their equipment for home disinfection service when I asked them to prioritise the kids’ rooms.

· Creating A Safe Environment

Thanks to their meticulous cleaning services, none of my kids got injured when they ran around the house after the post renovation cleaning.

· Follow Proper Waste Disposal

Even though we have been living in our current house for five years, we still are not that familiar with waste disposal for home renovation. Luckily, we do not have to worry about that when we hire our go-to cleaning company.

How I Prepared For Professional Post Renovation Cleaning Service

The preparation for a professional post renovation cleaning service was simple. I only need to compile all the crucial belongings in one place that no one can access except for us. As for our kids, we asked our relatives if they could take good care of them for a few days or until the completion of the post renovation cleaning service.

Do I Recommend One Heart Cleaning?

One Heart Cleaning provided me with excellent results. Thanks to their post renovation cleaning service in Singapore, my kids were able to see and feel our newly renovated home safely.

Good news, if you are looking for an upholstery cleaning service In Singapore, they do an excellent job too. Contact One Heart Cleaning at 8818 3183/8818 5185 or leave a message on their website.

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