Self-monitored versus Company-Monitored Security Systems

Are you thinking of installing a security system for your home or office? If you plan to, you may be faced with a decision on what type of security system can work best for you. There are many brands, features, and types of security systems. We advise that you take the time to know what can work best for you. To help you, we also suggest you reach out to a Perth burglar alarm company.

We will focus on two types of security systems, self-monitored and company-monitored. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of security system. 

Type 1: Self-monitored security systems

The self-monitored security system may seem self-explanatory to mean monitor only by yourself. This includes sensors like motion and door sensors. The silent alarms, sirens, and security cameras are also included. 

The question you will ask is how do you check in a self-monitored security system? One, you can opt to have SMS or push notifications straight to your cellular phone in case of theft. Secondly, you can also have an option to check your home or office from a remote area. You can do this by connecting to your smartphone via applications. You can give access or notification to trusted people near your place. These can be neighbors or nearby police, who can immediately be notified during emergencies.  

In a self-monitoring security system, you can call 911. There are also other systems you can use like Nest Cam. Some systems can connect to a speaker. You can program that once a thief enters, they will hear a sound that they have been caught on camera and that police are on the way. 

What are the advantages of a self-monitored system? This type is less expensive for you because there are no monthly fees to pay after installation. It’s because you do all the monitoring yourself. 

Another advantage is that you can easily relocate the system to a different area or home. It’s because you can be the one to install and uninstall the system by yourself. There is no other company to talk to or notify for changes. 

In the self-monitored type, you can instantly be notified of thefts once the system is activated. You can decide whether you call the police or not. In this manner, you can avoid false alarms, like perhaps your children who played with your system. 

The camera system can also record videos of intruders. This is very helpful for police in identifying the thieves. 

Now, let’s look at the disadvantages of a self-monitored system. One major disadvantage is that it needs Wi-Fi to work. That means if you don’t have Wi-Fi or there is a brownout, the system won’t work. 

Also, if you’re not beside your phone or your phone is in silent mode, and there is an intruder, you can’t immediately know the incident. 

The security cameras will only show the areas where they are installed of course. Thus, it means, if you choose to have greater coverage, it may mean more expense having more cameras around the perimeter. 

Lastly, not all self-monitored systems have alarms. Thus, if you have a security camera it can identify the thief, but it does not scare them off because there is no alarm. 

Type 2: Company-monitored security systems

Now let’s discuss the company-monitored security system. This type is installed and monitored by a professional home security company. Monitoring includes security cameras and alarms. It also includes door and glass break sensors. 

With the company-monitored security system, a notification is sent to the company’s call center in case of theft.  After this, you will get a phone call to check if the alarm was not set off accidentally by anyone from your house. But if they don’t receive a response for you or you’re not at home, then they will alert the police. 

There are also many advantages to a company-monitored security system. One major advantage is that there is less worry for you. You have a company to monitor and alert authorities in case of a real theft or intruder. This is very helpful for you in case your phone is not reachable or you are out on a trip. 

Another advantage of this company-monitored system is there will be no ‘blind spots’ if the system is installed properly. It can cover every room in the house. There will also be an alarm that scares off the thief when they intrude. This way, they will be discouraged from continuing their plan. 

Most of the company-monitored security systems use traditional phone lines or cellular radio. These come with a battery back-up. The good thing with this is that the system and they could continue working even with no Wi-Fi or power. There is also an option to get a security company in Singapore.

Let’s discuss the cons of a company-monitored system. One major disadvantage is the costs. You have to sign a contract and pay monthly fees. 

If the alarm goes off with no intruder like being accidentally set-off by kids, you have to answer your phone. So that the company does not call the police. Otherwise, it can be a false alarm.  You might get penalized by the police for this. 

Lastly, you have to set the alarm system before sleeping to activate it

If you would like to have a security system, whether self-monitored or company-monitored, contact a trusted Perth burglar alarm company. Talk to us at Casa Security. We are the leading provider of security systems in Perth. Contact us via 08 9241 9000. 



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