Roof Repair Tips For Fixing A Leaking Roof From Inside

It is pouring outside and your roof has given in and let some water sip through its layers to your precious furniture. You need a solution and fast. A lightning strike, tree limb snap, and rogue hailstorm can wreak havoc on an already weak roof. Since you can’t step outside, climb up the ladder and fix the roof from the outside, you’ll have to do that from the inside. What are some of the roof repair tips for success? We break them down for you.

1. Find the Source Of The Leak

The effectiveness of your DIY heavily depends on how well you find the leak. First, grab a flashlight and find your way to the attic. Get rid of any stagnant water along the way using a sponge.Once there, establish the route used by the water to your home and follow it. Check for mold and water stains. If you have a slanted roof, problem areas are always located higher than the first evidence of the leak. When you can’t seem to find the leak source, consider running a hose on different parts of the roof. Have someone remain in the attic to let you know the water direction. As soon as you locate the leak, mark the location using a nail.

2. Divert the Water

When it is raining outside, you may not be in a position to permanently fix the problem right away. Using a roof patch will help buy some time for you. To do this, place a huge open container under the leak to collect the water. You can also make a leak patch using a piece of plywood or shingle.

3. Seal the leak

Diverting the water only works in wet conditions. If the damaged area is dry, you’ll need to seal the hole as you wait for help to arrive. Let the rain pass before you get to this. Once it does, get to the attic and find the leak. Draw a circle around the leak using marking chalk. Then, apply a generous amount of roof patch to the area and apply it over the entire area using a scrapper. After the patch has dried up, cover the edges and any open holes using caulking. Feel free to use your finger to ensure that the caulking has truly covered the entire area.

4. Map the Leak

Once the rain has stopped, you can fix the roof from the outside. To know the problem area clearly, you will need to map it out. Use a measuring tape for this. Find the distance between the water damage and the highest point and measure it out. Then let someone else measure the distance between the roof’s ridgeline down to the water damage.

Repairing a damaged roof is a job best left to the experts like this roofing San Jose company. However, when you don’t have the luxury of time, you can get it done yourself. All you have to do is know how to climb to the attic and locate the source of the leak. Once you do, establish the appropriate solution for the problem and get to it. This should take care of the issue until roof repair expert help arrives.

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