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Responsible Ways to Dispose of Bulky Household Waste

Decluttering the house is a great way to free some space for new hobbies, but all of the junk you clear still has to go somewhere. Managing large unwanted like old kitchen appliances or worn-out furniture is not always as simple as hauling them to the sidewalk at the end of the week. Instead of just leaving it outside and hoping someone will take it, there are proper ways to dispose of bulky waste.

Whether you are remodeling your home or cleaning up before the end of the year, this guide will help you sort your household trash and point you to reliable services that will give you a hand in getting rid of it.

Ask local management

It never hurts to ask when you need something. Your local waste management or scrap yard might collect the bulky items or materials you want to remove from your house, and asking if they provide that service would be an easy way to find out. There might be some service charge for the extra pickup, but it is worth it, especially if you have heavy items.

Recycle what you can

Sometimes it is hard to let go of your old furniture because it can feel like a part of your history. If you cannot bear to part with your things, try repurposing them for an outdoor space or giving them a new look and refurbish them with paint or a different finish. If DIY projects are not for you and your items are still in usable condition, also consider donating the still usable pieces to charity or a recycling plant.

Sell it online

Reaching out over the internet can connect you with people that might be interested in buying your things from you. With a little luck, posting your items on a local online marketplace will find you a buyer quickly. Listing it as free will entice more people to contact you about it, but it runs the risk of the buyer not pushing through with the arrangement. Having a low price can make you some extra money and also discourage the buyer from flaking on you.

Call a professional

When you do not have the time to fuss over how to get rid of old furniture from your home, remember that you can get in contact with Evergreen Junk Removal, a company that can handle it for you. These services are convenient and will save you time because they cover all the work from picking up the items from your home to disposing of them appropriately.

Placing your waste on the sidewalk for either waste management to pick it up or for some passing stranger to take it away will always be a quick and easy method to get rid of your things, but it is not very polite to leave it out for too long. Remember to keep this guide in mind if your old furniture is sitting outside and you need a different way to dispose of it.

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