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Recommendations About Cleaning your Solar Panel

Solar panels work with more efficiency when the system is given the same maintenance attention as a car’s engine.

To most people understanding, solar panels installation on the roof is only a one-time investment and then all you do is save on your energy bills. Well, solar panels installation is a one-time considerable investment as compared to the positive impact on energy, bills and the environment it will have in the future. However, it does need occasional attention.

Like your house and car, solar system installed on your roof shouldn’t be an exception when it comes to maintenance and care. There is no need to tend to your solar panels every week but it is definitely important to learn when and how frequently you should schedule.

What is a Productive Solar Panel Maintenance Routine?

The foundation of a productive solar panel maintenance routine depends on factors or blocker that needs to be eliminated depending on its frequency. It also includes how you would do it, and certainly when you need to call a professional.

In the beginning, you will need to inspect the solar panel once every two weeks to notice when it surpasses the need to be cleaned thoroughly. Several solar panel systems also come with the system that alerts you about the increase and decrease in the efficiency of the machine including any mechanical, electrical, or cleanliness maintenance.

What Will Require Your Frequent Attention?

The Presence of common solar blockers plays an important role in scheduling the maintenance of the solar panels. It is usually affected by the installed location of your panels which triggers the build-up of common solar blockers such as dust, leaves and water.

While most experts claim that rainfall works as a natural cleanser of solar panels, however, the buildup of solar blockers can lower the system efficiency by at least five per cent and can cause a 30% energy loss yearly.

In simple words not cleaning your solar panels properly can cause you $20 energy per minute. It is suggested to monthly maintain your PV arrays that are installed in dustier areas such as near main roads or if there is construction anywhere near.

Additionally, if you live in areas with light rainfall, then you would need to manually clean the dust and leaves with water.

Nothing is Safe From Bird Droppings! A common reason people have is that rain would clean everything, well it might clear up the dust but it certainly has no effects on the dried bird droppings.

The basic and frequent maintenance of solar panels usually only requires a water hose, non-abrasive sponge, and soap. You should be really careful about climbing a high enough degree especially if your roof is titled. The surface often gets slippery with soapy water. Additionally, you can use any specific products recommended by the company and avoid using harsh chemicals which may react with your panels negatively.

If the whole maintenance process deems a hassle for you then we certainly recommend hiring a professional roof cleaning company in Bristol. Fluctuations in energy bill are one of the easiest ways to know that your solar panel cleaning is long overdue.

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