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Reasons to Hire a Party Wall Surveyor

Making changes to your house can be intimidating, especially when it comes to following statutory requirements like building codes and planning approvals. Even the most experienced builders might have questions in their mind while planning to make changes to a house. Do I have to hire a party wall surveyor? This is one common question that a lot of builders and house owners have.

All the walls might not be the same. You will observe non-load-bearing and load-bearing walls in most homes. Have you ever heard about a party wall? A party wall is nothing but a wall that is shared with neighbours. Most apartment-style and semi-detached dwellings have this type of wall between neighbors. When planning to make any changes near this wall or on this wall, neighbors might agree to the same.

Otherwise, it can lead to legal issues, as it is a shared party wall. To ensure that the work happening doesn’t interfere with the party walls, it is essential to hire a party wall surveyor. If you are looking for a party wall surveying company, understand that there are so many options available out there.

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Below is a list of the important things which you must consider when choosing a party wall surveying company.

  • Compare the experience of different party wall surveying companies. Choose the company with a better experience if you are looking for the best services. However, this don’t mean that the new companies do not provide the best services to their clients.
  • Check how many projects they have handled till now. The more the number, the better services you can expect. Most of the reputed companies mention these details on their official website. Feel free to ask for these details.
  • Speak with the surveyors of various companies to know how they respond to their clients. If you feel that their response is not good, avoid hiring them, and search for the one whose response is good.
  • Make sure that you choose a trustworthy company In short, choose a licensed company always if you are looking for trustworthy services.

Is it necessary to hire a party wall surveyor? Is it your question now? Read on to know about it.

This actually depends on your situation. Serving your neighbor with notice is something that you have to do without giving a miss related to the changes which you are planning to make. This notice includes a letter that asks for the response of your neighbor.

If your neighbor agrees to you, he or she will sign and send it to you. It is better to speak with your neighbor directly before sending this letter always. Assure your neighbor that the work will not affect them negatively.

If your neighbor accepts your proposal, you would not require a party wall surveyor. But if your neighbor does not accept your proposal, you would require a party wall surveyor. A party wall surveyor tries his or her best to resolve the dispute between you and your neighbor.

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