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Quick Changes to Turn Your Home Into Your Sanctuary


Home Sweet Home! This statement holds so much truth because a home should be where we find comfort, peace, and love; a haven that holds all the things we love. You see, a home should be more than a house. It ought to be a sanctuary irrespective of its age.

As more people continue to spend more time at home, there’s an increased need to make the home more conducive. After all, as a homeowner, the right adjustments make your home more conducive and increase its value. On that note, here are quick changes you can make to turn your home into your sanctuary.

Create a zen nook.

Having a responsibility-free afternoon or even a few minutes to yourself is a luxury in these chaotic days. As such, it’s crucial that you make the most of such moments and spend them doing something peaceful. This may include reading a novel or magazine, or listening to a podcast with a mud mask on. Such peaceful activities are best enjoyed when you have a dedicated space for them.

Setting up a zen nook allows you to have a dedicated space for self-care, and with time, your mind will go with the flow and naturally relax whenever you are in that space. Your zen nook could be a corner of your living room, bedroom, or an entirely different room on its own, depending on how much space you have.

Everyone’s zen zone is allowed to be different. Nevertheless, when setting up your station, you should think of what makes you feel warm and cozy. Perhaps, it’s a soft chair, plush throw pillow, a small set of books, flowers, or being surrounded by a touch of nature like houseplants and sunlight.

You can visit Pinterest for inspiration or keep things simple with a cozy chair, a pile of books, and flowers in a stylish vase or coffee table plants for green decor. Alternatively, make the area an indoor plant jungle by surrounding it with plants like the money tree or jade plant, spider plant, various succulents and cacti, and a polka dot plant. These are great indoor plants because they’re low maintenance and require medium to low light.

Set up a vignette for entertainment.

When it comes to home decor, the term ‘vignette’ means grouping items that tell a story and creates a visually pleasing focal point. Vignettes are a quick and easy way to bring character and charm to any space, and the best part is, they contribute to making your home more efficient.

To set up an entertainment vignette, all you need is to create a space around where you would typically host guests. End tables and entry tables are good locations for beginners. The next thing would be to get a cart or table, a tray, wine glasses, bottle openers, liquor, cocktail supplies, and an ice bucket and ice scoop.

An entertainment vignette keeps you ready to enjoy an evening drink or host guests without scampering around for a bottle opener. Even better, you can opt for a table top ice maker instead of the regular ice bucket. A countertop ice maker will spare you the hassle of storing a bag of ice in the refrigerator or freezer. You’ll have quick access to a fresh batch of ice cubes to chill your margaritas in minutes.

Make some upgrades.

Your home should be a comfortable and safe place irrespective of the season or time of the year. So, if you’re looking for ways to make it your sanctuary, you should consider making some home upgrades.

Your air conditioner unit is an excellent place to start. You see, if you have an old or non-functional AC unit, it means your indoor air will be compromised. It’s advisable that you consider upgrading to an HVAC unit. However, if you already have a functional HVAC system, ensure that you carry out regular preventive maintenance services to keep it at its optimum performance and ensure that your home’s indoor air stays healthy.

For instance, if you live in Fresno, California, simply search for “Fresno air conditioning service companies” to find a reliable HVAC technician that provides quality service at a reasonable price. The technician will assist in changing your air conditioner’s filter and service it to keep it at its best performance.

Discover your happy colors.

Turn Your Home Into Your Sanctuary

The psychology of colors is an integral part of our everyday life, affecting our energy levels and moods. For as long as human existence, colors have been used to convey messages, evoke emotions, and even heal illnesses. As such, never underestimate the power of color in your home.

A great way to make your home a sanctuary is by choosing colors that reflect your personality and boost your mood. You can make each room’s color theme match the emotions you want to feel. For instance, yellow can be used for the study as it’s a mood booster. The trick is to think of your happy colors and blend them into different home areas to promote positive energy across different rooms.

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