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Property Styling: What and How Does It Work?

Selling a property today has become effortless with real estate agents who take care of everything from top to bottom. They make arrangements for buyers to see the property, and they take care of the negotiations and the final transaction. They do all of this for a small fee or percentage of the sale price. Selling of a property, though hassle-free, can sometimes take longer than expected. The buyer can be temperamental, or the negotiations can go on for a long time. Either way, with fluctuating prices, the property owner could lose money on the deal. A new-age solution to this problem is property staging or property styling.

Property owners can opt for property stylists to come and change the look of the entire property. These stylists revamp the exterior and interior of the property and make it more appealing. They work on both residential and commercial places, completely changing the outlook to set the desired vibe.

Why is Property Styling Essential?

Sellers of property, or even real estate agents, aim to get the highest or maximum price possible on the property. But there are so many properties for sale, and hence it can be a tooth and nail competition. In such a situation, a property stylist gives an edge to the property. They redecorate, repaint, re-furnish, and refurbish interiors and exteriors alike, almost making it brand new. And subsequently, visitors are immediately fascinated by the appearance and are more likely to make an offer.

A survey has found that properties that are styled, tend to have a raise in price by almost 12%.

Another reason to consider property styling is that today most property buyers rely on photographs on the internet. Some buyers don’t even visit a site unless the online photos impress them, hence it is almost crucial that the property looks its best. Hiring a stylist is a great way to ensure this. These stylists also offer photography and 3D tour services. They capture the property in the best angles to upload them online, and having a virtual tour of the styled property increases interest amongst buyers.

Interior Designer Vs. Property Stylist

In essence, both professions focus on redoing or doing-up spaces. But a property stylist targets a much larger audience. Interior designers usually cater to their client’s tastes along with suggesting some designs from the latest trends. But, property stylists, do intense research and recommend the necessary changes to make a property appealing to many people rather than just their client. Interior designers make considerable changes to the interiors, but when renovating on a budget, interior designers may turn out to be expensive. Stylists don’t suggest any extravagant changes or upgrades; they improve the property with the available resources.

Property Styling Services

A property stylist will offer the following services:

  • Creates a uniform or complementary colour scheme.
  • Repaints and retouches interior and exterior walls.
  • Adds artwork and other creative installations.
  • Installs furniture or refurbishes existing ones, suiting the theme of the interior design.
  • Repaints doors and windows.
  • Redecorates spaces such as bedrooms and kitchens to give a more homely vibe.
  • Exploits available natural light, to brighten up the interiors.
  • Redecorates office spaces to accommodate more people or equipment.
  • Suggests renovations that could increase the price of the property, like adding a porch to a house.
  • Researches the market for buyer trends
  • Makes interior or exterior upgrade suggestions based on this research
  • Adds compelling or unique elements to the design to elevate the value of the property.
  • Highlights any existing uniqueness of the property.

Property stylists give one’s property a unique value that sets it apart from others. They redo interiors and exteriors to enhance the appeal and make them stand out; be it online or offline. Ultimately, property owners profit from these changes.

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