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Pipe Relining: What is It and How Does it Compare to Replacement?

Broken pipes are a huge problem that can lead to even bigger problems. Once a pipe gets punctured or is too old, it can cause water leakage that could start small and end up flooding your home. With that, it’s essential to have it fixed. The good thing is you can find an expert that can help you in Sydney.

Nevertheless, do you get help in pipe relining Sydney? Or do you get pipe replacement? What’s the difference between the two and which one is the better choice?

What is a pipe relining?

When a pipe gets broken, our initial thought is to have it replaced, and that’s because it is the traditional way of fixing a broken pipe. This entails digging up the ground surrounding the broken pipe, and then removing the line and replacing it with a new one. It’s often a laborious endeavour, and it tends to be extremely costly too.

However, as time passed by, professionals have found a way to fix pipes without requiring all the hard work. This is known as pipe relining.

As the name suggests, pipe relining is a method that experts use that enables them to reline pipe interiors. This is done by a specially designed tube through your lines, and once in the right spot, plumbers would inflate the tubing until it is tight and firm against the pipe’s wall.

The outside of the tube is coated with resin that sticks to the interior of the pipe, which is then cured to serve as the pipe’s new lining.

Pipe relining vs replacement

When given the choice, should you choose pipe relining Sydney or a replacement?

Of the two choices, pipe relining seems to be the most viable option, especially as it’s definitely the most low-cost option. It would also take much less time to finish. Plus, it’s also noninvasive, meaning your landscape will remain the same.

Moreover, pipe relining usually lasts decades, so it’s definitely a long-term solution.

However, it’s not the perfect solution at all times, and it’s certainly not a cure-for-all, so there will be a time that relining is not an option. If there is a significant sag, replacement is and should be considered. Relining is also not the answer when filling large gaps and voids outside the host pipes. Severe damages caused by getting crushed or tree roots will require pipe replacement.

The good thing is, your plumbing expert knows when they should use the technique and when they should fully replace a pipe. It’s also why you need to call a professional plumber as soon as you can.

Finding the right expert

Pipe relining and replacement is definitely not something you can and must do on your own, despite how many online videos and tutorials you watch. As much as possible, find an expert to help you. Luckily, Sydney is a huge place, and finding a licensed plumber who offers pipe relining Sydney won’t be too hard.

To choose a plumber, make sure they have the right credentials, from license to insurance. Ask for a free quote so you can prepare your bank account.

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