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Mushroom lamp: Beautify your room

To have a more pleasant environment, to help with reading and studying or to give a charm and a different look in your child’s room, you can bring the Lamp with Rechargeable mode.

Why use mushroom lamp?

In the shape of a mushroom, the luminaire can turn on the white Led light in 3 tones at its top and when clicking on the on and off button for longer, its base lights up with vibrant colours that alternate one by one automatically, in addition, the luminaire is rechargeable, which makes it even easier to use, since there is no need for wires connected to power for it to work, much more than just avoiding that wired look, the fact of it being rechargeable helps you to take it wherever you want very easily.

In a contemporary style, loft style, you can install this lamp Mushroom of nice size in your interior. This luminaire was designed with materials of beautiful presence. It therefore consists of a marble base, a black metal atollo lamp replica in the shape of a mushroom, and the two are connected by a brass rod.

In  a bedroom  placed on a bedside, a chest of drawers, a desk, in  a living room  placed on a table, a sideboard, a pedestal table or in  a hallway  installed on a console, in a vintage, industrial atmosphere full of elegance,  this electrified night light  for a maximum power of 25 Watts will find its place easily.

Choose precisely

The timeless collection use to be characterized by a passion for elements and sophisticated textures, united with visual design and an organic, calm colour palette.

As the name suggests, the Mushroom table lamp is inspired by mushrooms. The base of the similarly shaped luminaire is made of brushed brass and the shade is made of smoked glass, which can be easily removed to replace the lamp. The plug is hidden in the base of the lamp, which gives the product a clean and light look. This small table lamp, thanks to its simple appearance and materials, is suitable for any room and any surface.  A larger Mushroom option is also available that looks good on both the floor and table top.

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