Maintaining A Construction Site During Long Summer Days

During the long summer days, construction sites are open for longer hours and there is an exposure to potential threats during daylight hours beyond what is experienced during the shorter, winter days. From the challenges posed by criminals and potential threats to equipment, machinery, and tools, through to the weather and protecting your site and contractors from the elements, there are a few different ways in which you can maintain a construction site and protect it over the summer.

Working with plant hire services that you trust, and those that deliver the latest technology with the availability of its fleet of plant hire options, will help you to maintain calm and order, and the highest levels of security.

Here are a few tips to cover some different aspects of managing a construction site during the summer.

Install robust fencing and security

Construction sites are targeted all the time for criminals looking to steal expensive equipment and machinery. If the light lasts for longer into the night during summer, but there is no one on site after a certain time, it is important that there is a large, robust deterrent in the form of a fence and well-padlocked gates, that stop criminals from seeing in, and seeing what is on site, and makes it difficult for them to climb over and get into the site to steal.

Maintain digital inventory lists

As construction sites are big targets for criminals it is vital that you have tight control over everything that is present on site and what you are expecting to arrive and when. This works well with a good plant hire company as a good example, as they will provide you with a clear and concise list of scheduled deliveries of machinery and equipment you have hired for this site and project. Not only that but they will include trackers that make it easy to see where everything is on site (or off it in the worst-case scenario).

Maintain a well-lit site overnight

Security guards can be too expensive for some construction sites, so installing perimeter lighting and lighting up expensive pieces of machinery and equipment are both great ways to act as a deterrent to criminals and to maintain the site security levels that you have installed during the day.

Digital tracking and boundary

A geofence can be set up that alerts you when an asset is brought out of a defined digital boundary that you have created. When we discussed the digital tracking devices on some plant hire earlier, this can be used to give you peace of mind, that should a piece of equipment or machinery be moved outside of a defined boundary on site, you will be alerted straight away.

Look after your contractors

The summer is likely to be hot, and the days long. You need to maintain order on your construction site by looking after your contractors, not just the equipment, tools, and machinery. Provide shade and water so that your workers can stay cool and hydrated, plan everything in advance to boost efficiency and not waste time when it is very hot.

As you can see, there are a few different ways in which you can maintain order at your construction site during the summer months. There are many different challenges and obstacles that every construction site manager faces, and if you wish to keep your project on time and within budget, you do need to plan ahead with detail and calm and partner up with suppliers and plant hire specialists that can help you be on time and working within the safest parameters possible.

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