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Keep These in Mind Before Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

Hiring a professional to work on your home’s design can be a good investment. A professional interior decorator can help channel your ideas and turn them into something amazing. They have the experience and creativity to create a relaxing and welcoming abode that is unique to you and your family. However, you also have a role to play in the decorating process. If you want to make the most of the experience, ensure you keep the following in mind before you hire a philadelphia interior decorator

Know that an Interior Decorator is not an Interior Designer

Before hiring an interior designer in Singapore, you must know that a decorator is not a designer. Although they have similarities, they are quite different. An interior designer plays a part in the space’s actual design that can mean moving walls, moving staircases, or enlarging windows, and doors. They plan out to make the interior space more functional. Meanwhile, an interior decorator takes part only in the furnishing and decorating of the already designed and completed space. While a designer can be a decorator, a decorator cannot be a designer.

Decide Your Preferred Style

To determine your style, you must discover the things you like. Identify the common characteristics among them and give this style a name. This way, your chosen decorator can evaluate what you like and the way the elements fit together. A name is the description of the style you want including urban glam, modern global, and more. This can create a picture in your decorator’s mind to help them interpret your style and make it a reality. 

Set a Budget You Can Stick To

Decorating a home’s interior can be expensive, especially when you find inspiration through homes decorated by professionals. Often, it is best to set a realistic budget. By determining how much you need to spend on your project, you will know the quality of the finishes and the kind of decorating service you can afford. 

Decide on What’s Important to You

Before you work with a decorator, you must know which items are important to you. Do an inventory of the pieces you want to incorporate into your new space. As you consult a decorator, let them know about your priorities so they can work with them. You may want a treasured item to become the inspiration piece for the entire interior space. Also, you need to recognize what you cannot live without. Be prepared to get rid of the things that don’t work in your new space. 

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