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How to Tell if My Garden Needs Professional Care from Experts?

If you have been reading up on positive tips for gardening, you may have noticed that the basics are always necessary. This means water, sunlight, and fertilizer. Here are some recommendations if you think your garden needs professional care.

Control Watering the Right Ways

Water is the most basic need of your plant – without it, your plant will immediately die. But overwatering is also dangerous since it encourages the growth of fungi and leads to root rot. The trick is to know how much water to give your plant from the start.

There is no hard and fast rule for watering. It differs from plant to plant. It helps if you ask the plant seller about watering tips when you are buying the plant. If needed,

you may also consult experts in gardening services in Singapore.

You may also simply do it via trial and error. The risk you take though is that you might overwater your plant. Try watering the plant a certain reasonable volume of water per day – then observe the results. This is a good way of sharpening your gardening skills so that you gain a gut feel for it.

Control Plant Malnutrition

Don’t be surprised that your plant can also be under-nourished. All living things require a form of nutrition. One reason for the plant malnutrition could be the plant seller repotted the plant with inferior quality soil. You cannot compensate for this by giving more water. Plant food is necessary and that means you have to fertilize the soil of the plant.

Just like with water, fertilization can be overdone. So try the trial and error method with this one too. Check the label of the fertilizer brand you intend to use. Usually, the packaging will indicate feeding proportions. If you’re into organic fertilizer, you may also put in a certain volume of fertilizer then observe what happens for the next few days. If you’ve done your job right, your plant should be revived within that time. If there seems to be no change, try contacting a specialist in landscaping services right away.

Pay Attention to Your Plants

You should consider your plants as your “green children”. Just like human children, your plants will require your daily or at least regular attention. If there are dead leaves and branches, you need to trim those away. If the soil seems lackluster and dry, you need to put in water and fertilizer. If the plant seems to perk up, continue what you’re doing.

You should invest time, energy, and yes, even money, into the care of your plants. At times when you have exhausted all your options, contact the Urban Landscape Company. We may be able to diagnose plant care problems for you and recommend the right solution for your garden right away.

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