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How to Pass the Time During Home Renovations

There are plenty of great reasons to renovate your home, ranging from the practical reasons like fixing safety issues or boosting resale value to just increasing your overall enjoyment of your home. As a homeowner, the interior design decisions are all up to you, and you may want to hire renovators just to improve the look of your home with a job like an expansive kitchen remodel or making serious changes to the living room to accommodate a home theater. Check out Renovator’s Blog if you need inspiration for the kinds of great projects you can take on.

Of course, as great as the end results of a renovation can be, the home renovation process is notoriously stressful for many homeowners. Scheduling difficulties can plague any renovation or remodel, especially during a time when working from home is becoming more common. Of course, these jobs can also be delayed due to an inaccurate budget, labor challenges, weather complications, or even poor communication with your contractor.

Something as simple as finding the right tiles for the bathroom may take longer than expected. This is why it’s so important to have ways to de-stress and pass the time during renovations. Here are just a few ideas to make your time more pleasant.

Plan to cook outdoors.

It may be difficult to live as you normally would while professionals are making changes to your home, especially if it’s the kitchen being renovated with new cabinets or plumbing. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if it’s off-limits for a bit, you may want to plan some outdoor activities.

This can be a great time to gather the family for an outdoor barbecue, and you could even invite the neighbors to make it a party. Who knows, you might even take this time to come up with a new outdoor dining area design. Even if your renovations include adding an outdoor area like a patio or deck, cooking out is still a great option.

Go on a brief vacation.

Renovations can make it difficult to live in your own home, and while they likely won’t go on for a long time, you may still need to get out of the house for the bulk of the process. This is an excellent opportunity to take yourself or the family on a mini-vacation. It’s understandable if you still have some reservations about traveling long distances due to COVID-19 restrictions, but this probably won’t need to be a long trip.

If you’re in a coastal state, you could plan a quick trip to the beach. Otherwise, you might choose to visit a state park. Even just hitting the open road and finding a nice hotel to stay at can be a refreshing adventure while you wait for everything to be completed.

Establish a private area, and vape your cares away.

While renovations can be an intrusive process, it’s unlikely that your contractors will need access to your entire house throughout the project. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past several years, you’ve likely heard about the rise in popularity of vaping, especially of THC oil in states where it’s legalized. While the FDA still hasn’t approved the use of THC, and it remains illegal at the federal level, several states are approving the recreational use of marijuana.

If you’ve been curious about these vape products, you might want to look at Bloom carts. These cartridges for The Legion of Bloom’s Monarch vape pen blend pure THC oil with Bloom’s own cannabis-derived terpenes to provide a pure experience. Bloom cartridges packaging is free of plastic, and portions of sales go toward protecting the Monarch Butterfly. Many users praise the ability of the oil to reduce stress, so if you’re comfortable with the product, vaping in a private area may be a good way to get yourself through the renovation process.

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