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How to Clean Marble Fireplace?  


A marble fireplace adds a classical charm to every home. If you have a room that’s dull and boring, adding a fireplace made out of marble to space can beautifully transform the overall appearance of the room.

A fireplace with a marble surround has become quite a popular pick for homeowners today. It is due to the elegance and grace it adorns in a room. If you wish to know more about how to choose marble fireplace then there are several professional sites online where you can get help from. These fireplaces are available in a flotilla of gorgeous designs and super colors too. Several websites present you with great options that are crafted by proficient craftsmen.

We need to however admit that after setting the fireplace, you will also need to ensure that you clean it from time to time, and take proper care of it, once it is installed. If not cleaned and properly taken care of, it will start to look dull and bland. Dust will start to appear and gather over time. You might also notice black soot appearing all over the marble and adjoining area. But if you wish to learn about ways as in how to clean marble fireplace then we has listed all that might come productive for you.

The cleaning process sure will get messy and hence ensure that you place some sheeting as you will notice ashes escaping and flying all over the place.

  • Clean and soft cloth

Take a soft and clean cloth. Microfiber cloth would be the best option to clean a marble fireplace, as it removes dust and dirt easily. It will be easy to remove stains quickly. Try to look out for mug or soot stains precisely.

  • Distilled and cooled water

Ensure that you dip the cloth into distilled water. Make sure that the water is boiled and then cooled. Only when it’s cooled, should you start the cleaning process. This way, the water too will be free of any kind of impurities. If the water is impure, it will affect the surface of the marble. This is why water needs to be pure and clean. This would be better for your overall cleaning.

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