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How a Furnished Apartment in Houston Became a Best Friend

This is the story of how furnished apartments in Houston can change your life.

Your phone rings. You answer it. You listen, saying a bunch of “uh-huhs and yes sirs.” You hang up and cheer! Wahoo! You just got a new job. The salary is terrific. You start next Monday. You are elated.

There is one problem. You live in Kansas City and the job is in Houston. You don’t know anyone in Houston. You wonder to yourself, “Does everyone in Houston wear cowboy boots?” You don’t own any cowboy boots or a cowboy hat either. You like them, just don’t’ have them.

You go online, check the price of the nice hotels, and you get a bit of sticker shock. The median price for a five-star hotel in Houston is $350 per night. That is a week’s rent in Kansas City. You have a bright idea, “How about furnished apartments in Houston?” Do people still rent their apartments furnished?

The Houston Corporate Relocation Solution

While you are thinking over what to do, you get an email from the human resources (HR) department welcoming you to the new position and letting you know there is relocation assistance. The HR department recommends you take one of the furnished apartments in Houston that the company uses frequently for new workers.

The email says the company will pay for it. You then say to yourself, “You scored!” In the email, there is a link to some of the furnished executive apartments. You check it out and you are pleasantly surprised. Executive apartments in Houston look better than a five-star hotel.

Each has a large bedroom with a king-sized bed, a living room, a dining area, a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, and a gourmet kitchen. The furnishings look like something out of a designer magazine. The website says that the style is elegant, contemporary, and functional. Sounds great!

Your Folks are Proud of You

You text your parents to tell them and your mom starts whooping and hollering as if she just won the lotto. How can you hear her if you only sent a text? You still live with your parents in the same house that’s how.

You pack your bags. You remember to take a mask to protect yourself and others. You get in your car. It is the best way to travel and you need to have your car when you get there. You wave goodbye to your parents. They see you off by standing in the driveway waving. Your mom is crying a bit.

You drive to Houston to a fully-furnished, luxury, executive apartment that is incredible. The thought that you are on your way to success brings a smile to your face. You never had a place on your own before. Your new apartment feels like a new best friend. Your will meet new friends soon enough but the apartment came first and made it possible to enjoy Houston.


If you are moving to Houston, I highly recommend you stay in a luxury, executive apartment for a few days or many months as I did and buy some cowboy boots and a hat.

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