Hiring a pest control SEO service? Don’t do these things!

Congratulations – You have decided to hire a marketing agency for your pest control company! Online marketing is no longer a choice for exterminators and pest control businesses. As more consumers look for these services online, it is necessary to have commanding presence on the internet. Just having a website is not enough anymore. You have to spend on online marketing and SEO, for which the right agency is highly critical. In this post, we are sharing the things to avoid while hiring a pest control SEO service. 

1 – Don’t chase the cheapest quote

Your small pest control company may not have the budget to hire the biggest agency in business, but don’t chase the cheapest one either. Pricing for SEO services can be very different for each agency. Depending on what is included, you can consider either paying a flat fee per month, or a fixed amount for the entire period of the contract. Just don’t choose a company because of the price alone. 

2 – Don’t agree to a long-term contract

Before anything else, let’s mention that SEO is an ongoing process, which means that you cannot stop SEO for your pest control company at any point. However, to understand the experience and expertise of a marketing agency, you have to consider the term of the contract. Don’t expect great results in a week, but do no rush into making an opinion either. At the least, allow the agency to work on your SEO goals for at least three months. By long-term contracts, we are referring to contracts expanding beyond a year. 

3 – Don’t miss out on strategy

SEO has some generic rules and strategies, but when it comes to niche-specific SEO for pest control companies, custom solutions will matter. Ask the marketing agency as how they plan to implement and use various on-page and off-page SEO techniques for your website. One of the first things is to discuss the website design and content. Many times, an agency may insist that you change the website first, so the SEO work actually pays off. No matter the circumstances, ask the agency in depth about their SEO strategy. 

Finally, make sure that you don’t miss out on reviews. If a marketing agency has been working with pest control companies and exterminators for a while, they will have positive reviews online. You can also consider asking for references, to know the company and their work ethics better. 

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