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Harmful Effects of a Blocked Drain in Your Home

Imagine a foul smell every time you enter into your toilet or bathroom; worse, if the stinky toilet is inside your room. It could make you nauseous and lead to a bad headache.  You may start to wonder what’s going on in your drainage system and how to get rid of that awful smell stat!

Blocked drains are very common at home and the usual places are kitchen sinks and toilets, where we commonly dump wastes.  Here are the usual suspects:

  • Hair
  • Oil and grease
  • Dirt
  • Flushed objects such as children’s small toys
  • Debris
  • Solid food waste
  • Toilet paper and wipes
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Diapers
  • Hygiene products such as cotton swabs
  • Cat litter
  • Grime, goo

At times, these are easy to remedy just by using a hand plunger or some hot water to melt them away. However, it takes some mindfulness on our part to avoid a more serious problem.  Water and waste tend to accumulate in pipes when there is blockage, and stagnated water produces a very foul odour.

At first, this may not be so bad.  A scented candle or aromatic diffuser can do the trick.  But when left untreated, the blockage increases and the smell gets worse.  Not only that, you are exposing your family to various health risks and infections, such as typhoid, diarrhoea, bacteriosis, peptic ulcers, nausea, headaches, and fever.  You are also opening your home to insects and rodents which may add more health hazards to your family. Rats, for instance, are carriers of leptospirosis.

Blocked drains can also cause major structural damage.  Now, as we know, our house is built with drain pipes in it and it all leads to the same exit.  If one of them gets clogged and untreated, the dirty water along with wastes pile up.  Water is an ever-moving matter and will find means to move around. It could start building up to your other pipes, or leak inside your house.  This creates a dirty and an unpleasant atmosphere for your family to stay.

More often than not, a lot of people ignore problems such as these, thinking that clogged pipes are easy to manage. They only realise the gravity of this problem when they start experiencing the serious effects of stagnated water brought about by blocked drains.

If you were able to visit some homes where the owners do not have means to pay for repairs, the house looks and smells very unpleasant.  They may get used to the smell, but they are unaware how this is affecting their overall well-being. These folks usually have developed respiratory or skin problems.

When you have blocked drains you can no longer treat, do not hesitate to call for a specialist or a plumber.  You may easily reach for a registered blocked drain specialist Melbourne company to help you get the job done.  They have the right tools and expertise to fix those blocked drains of yours quickly.

Delayed actions cause bigger damage, and the cost of repairs go up.  It is best to treat blocked drains immediately to prevent more serious damage, and find ways at home to keep this from happening, such as putting wastes in trash bins instead of flushing them out in the sinks and toilets.  Encourage your family too to be responsible in their waste disposals so you won’t have to call the plumber every now and then.

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