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Great Choices for the Window Repairs

Changing the window glass can often sounds like a complicated task, but with the right materials and a few tips you can fix the glass quickly and easily. You can opt for the handyman services to ensure the best results now.

Want to know how to change the window glass?

If you want to fix your window glass, here are some tips on what you need to do.Prepare the glass. Wear gloves and goggles. Carefully remove all pieces of glass from the window. If possible, remove the entire strip containing the broken glass from the window fitting that holds the glass in place. The way to remove the glass will depend on the way it was installed, whether joints, tape or sealing were used. Clean the glass pieces and pre-adjust them to know which piece goes to which place.

Apply the adhesive. Lightly sand the surfaces, leaving them smooth for better adhesion. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to one of the surfaces and secure the parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. There are more options that are available from the epxerts.


Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly before moving the glass. Attaching additional pieces of glass can cause pressure; if this is the case, let the adhesive dry before proceeding.


Clean your tools and adhesive residue immediately using acetone, alcohol or naphtha-based solvent. You can carefully cut the sealant using a sharp tool.

How To Change The Window Glass

If you have already repaired your cracked glass or purchased a new glass, it is time to install it. Follow the instructions on how to replace the window glass!

Prepare the structure

Remove any excess sealant remaining from previous installations. Surfaces must be clean and free of debris.

Apply the sealant

Work in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves, firmly apply the silicone sealant around the structure. Position the sealing cord as close to the stop overlap as possible.

Insert the glass

Insert the glass into the window.

Apply more sealant and reconnect the stops

The stops will help keep the glass in place. Apply a layer of sealant to the glass next to the edge of the frame, making sure it is wide enough to properly seal the top of the frame. Press in place and let the sealant act.

Clean it

Immediately use mineral alcohol, or some other solvent indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions, to clean your tools and any sealant residue. You can use a sharp tool to cut the remnants of dry sealant.

Right Stickers To Replace Window Glass

You don’t want to see prominent seams after you fix the glass, right? That is why you should choose an adhesive with an invisible effect. In order to seal the window glass, the sealant needs to glue both sides, the glass and the stop material. It is necessary to be resistant to the actions of the weather and create a water resistant seal. Loctite 60 Sec. Universal Glue meets all these requirements and dries clear.

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