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So, you’re considering getting a granite kitchen counter. Terrific concept! Kitchen counters made of granite are the latest thing in high-end. They offer your kitchen an extravagant yet natural look as well as are a pleasure for utilizing. They can last decades without any problems, have a lovely luster, are perfectly risk-free for your residence, as well as look incredibly excellent. If you have a bland cooking area that needs an emphasis, or if you’re remodeling your cooking area, as well as intend to splurge on something really remarkable, they’re a wonderful suggestion. You’ll appreciate them for years to come.


When we listen to the words “contaminated,” horrible images of nuclear disasters stand out in our minds. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl that’s the initial point we consider. Yet did you know, as an example, that bananas are contaminated?

Traveling in the airplane exposes you roughly around four hundred times more radiation as consuming banana. That’s as at the time you fly, you’re high up in the air where the layer of ozone gets thinner. It is this layer which secures you from the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays. Currently, consider the truth that the radiation exposure from eating a banana is around 1% of your average day-to-day direct exposure to radiation.

These numbers are helpful in comprehending the different degrees of radiation and how much effects they have on us, humans.


Similar to regular rock, granite can stain. However, since you read granite countertop facts, you’ll be happy to know that your countertop can be dealt with to your specifications to stop discoloration or make it non-porous.

Kitchen countertops Memphis advises this right before installment, so your countertop is safeguarded from the start. As soon as a tarnish has occurred, it can be difficult to get out, and you’ll have to employ experts for the job. Although it’s never far too late in treating your countertop, it’s best for starting on an excellent note.


We commonly fulfill individuals that think granite is solid. It is great, as granite is a sort of rock, as well as it definitely looks, as well as feels, really hard. Nevertheless, granite isn’t the next diamond. It is, sadly, breakable.

Don’t anticipate granite to crumble and break down as the year’s pass. However, when you’re swatting the flies using a significant frying pan, as well as land your countertop with a great smack, it may breakdown a little. So, if your countertop gets chipped because of the impact, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with the stone, as well as you were not short-changed. Chips are able to be fixed in various creative methods, but it’s ideal for treating your countertop relative to avoid the problem from occurring in the first place. A well-treated countertop will last for 4 to 5 years with no troubles.

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