Got Spiders? Here’s Top Tips To Keep Those Creeps Away

You may be surprised to know that the average American home hosts around 100 different species of bugs. Many people have a phobia of bugs, with a majority fearing spiders. Although spiders are generally not very toxic or harmful to humans and do not contaminate food, they can bite. The mere sight of spiders often causes shivers and tremors in many individuals.

If you have found spider webs inside or outside your house, you may be creeped out. These eight-legged creatures are usually not far from their webs. Unless it’s Halloween, you probably do not want spiderwebs adorning your ceilings, lights, or fans. Fortunately, steps can be taken to remove them. If you’re experiencing pest issues, it’s recommended to get in touch with a service provider specializing in Pest Control in Florissant.

Top Tips to Keep Spiders Away

Spraying Your House

If you are serious about getting rid of spiders, spraying your house is considered the best option. When thinking of pests, you might be tempted to buy a commercial killing spray. However, a better option is to work with a pest control company. They ensure the removal of all spiders, visible and hidden.

Essential Oils

For a safer and more natural option to prevent spiders, consider using essential oils. Pests often dislike certain smells, and essential oils can be effective in deterring them from entering your house. Some effective scents include citronella, tea tree, peppermint, lavender, and rose.

Clean Up Clutter Where Spiders Like to Hide

Spiders prefer hiding spots where they can remain unseen. They often lurk in branches, fallen tree leaves, and other debris in your lawn. Some species are also attracted to water, so ensure there are no standing water bodies around.

Remove Other Pests

If you have spiders, it’s likely they are hunting other pests in your house. For instance, a porch light left on at night attracts flying insects, which in turn attract spiders. They may then move closer to your house to capture these insects in their webs.

Make Your Natural Spider Spray

If you prefer not to call pest control, you can create your homemade spider spray. Mix a cup each of apple cider vinegar and pepper with a teaspoon each of dish soap and oil. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and use it wherever you see spiders.

What If These Methods Do Not Work?

While natural remedies can be effective, they often do not offer a long-term solution. If these methods fail, consider consulting a professional pest control service. They can provide effective and permanent solutions to eliminate spiders.

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