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Four Tips when Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to give your kitchen a full makeover, picking new kitchen cabinets is one of the most difficult decisions you must make. The many styles to pick from and the expensive cost of cabinets can make the task even more difficult. But, you can ease up the process by partnering with the right design team and suppliers. Miralis kitchens in Montreal are made with custom-design cabinets made from the highest quality materials. The tips below will help get started without stressing out:

Pick a Cabinet Profile

Your kitchen’s most visible design elements are the cabinets. Thus, you want your door style to stand out. Start with deciding on a door profile and your options include raised arch, recessed miter, slab, and recessed square. If you want a simple profile with a touch of decorative edge to add a beautiful design element, opt for the recessed square.

Choose a Cabinet Door Style

You can easily choose your door style when you consider your door profile preference and budget. Choose a reputable store that carries many pretty styles. Visit the store to see samples and take photos of your top 3-4 styles and choose the best one. Your style options include Costello, Darien, Bensley, Buckner, and more.  

Experiment with Colour

If you wish to bring a bit of colour to your kitchen, you must be careful when picking your cabinetry. Your chosen colour can increase the appeal and visibility of your countertops and although there are guidelines, there are no rules. For example, dark brown cabinets go well with green granite countertops. Also, white pale cabinets look better with creamy yellow undertones. 

When it comes to matching cabinetry with countertops, you must balance light cabinets with dark granite or dark cabinets with light granite. Granite with veins or flecks of an accent colour goes well with cabinets that match the accent to create a contrasting but complementary design. 

Consider Function

After deciding the kind of style, you can add personality to your cabinets in many ways such as decorative or textured glass. Premium hardware can be mounted to the hinge and engages when the door is an inch from closing. This feature creates a smooth, silent, self-closing motion. This eliminates the possibility of your children slamming cabinet doors or leaving drawers open as they shut on their own. This a function that you may want when picking kitchen cabinets.


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