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Four Reasons Why Landlords Evict Tenants

Eviction sounds so harsh to a normal ear. If you hear someone you know is getting evicted someday, you instantly feel sorry for them. But digging a little deeper, let’s find out what are the reasons why tenants are evicted by their respective landlords. Check out Michigan eviction laws for more knowledge about the eviction process and rules and regulations. Here are four primary causes of eviction of tenants.

· They Haven’t Relocated After The End Of The Lease

Refusing to leave the rented premises after the lease has ended is called “holding over.” In some instances, the tenant is trying to benefit from the possession of the premises. According to Michigan eviction laws, the landlord can file a valid lawsuit and get the issue resolved through the court.

· They Haven’t Paid Their Rent Duly

Non-payment of rent expenses is a prevalent cause of eviction, and people in the group 20s are the most likely to get evicted because they are just starting to live independently. The thing to understand is that the landlord rented the premise to earn rent, which is the main agenda.

· They Violated A Term Or Clause Mentioned Explicitly In The Legal Documents

When the lease agreement is finalized, both parties get to add the clauses they want. On the safer side, the law recommends getting a lawyer to read the documents before signing them. If the tenant violates a clause or multiple clauses, the landlord can get them evicted. Since the contract is valid and enforceable, the tenant must leave the rented premises.

· They Have Caused Continuing Damage To The Rented Premises

If the tenant has continued damage done to the premises and is extensive, the landlord can get them evicted. People often ruin the drainage systems, walls, ceilings, etc. In this case, the tenant and landlord can get an out-of-court settlement done wherein the tenant pays himself for all the damage.


The things mentioned above are some of the many reasons people are evicted. Another reason is a drug eviction in which the tenant is evicted after a relatively shorter legal process. Displacement always makes one feel as if the landlord is the villain in the movie, but more often than not, the tenant is at fault. I hope this article managed to shed light on it.

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