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Four Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Custom Pool Builder

If you have decided to invest in your dream swimming pool, it is time to find the best custom pool builder Montgomery, TX for the job. Picking a pool builder is not a small task and not a decision you can take lightly. When you make a wrong decision, you could spend more than you originally planned. Thus, you must know what exactly to look for in a pool builder. These include the following:


Checking credentials is a good start when picking a pool builder. Ask for the phone number and physical address of the company, along with the full name and number of the sales rep. Know how long they have been in business and how many pools they have installed. Don’t forget to ask who handles the construction and if they use subcontractors. Make sure to verify the certification and licenses of all people involved in the installation.


Trade associations can have lists of members who adhere to a code of business ethics and promote professional development. See if your chosen contractor is affiliated with any of these associations.  Piscine De Mone sur mesure builders have a strong affiliation and are seriousness about their business and reputation. 

Customer Satisfaction

You can effectively know about a company if you learn about other people’s experience with them. Request and check references to gauge customer satisfaction. Make sure to thoroughly check the names or references. Pick a minimum of three contacts and ask questions including when they did business with the contractor and the kind of pool installed. Ask also about the attitude and behaviour of the crew while on site. Other things you must ask about include timeliness of work completed, payment handling, and possible surprises during construction. 

Your Gut

A pool contractor may impress you the first time you meet with them. But, don’t use this impression alone to make your final decision. Visit the office of the contractor and observe how they perform daily business as this may indicate how they will handle business with you. As you interview a contractor watch out for red flags including the lack of an official place of business, very low estimate, upfront payment requirement, and the possibility of them pressuring you to decide quickly or finance through them or their affiliated lender. Make sure to walk away if you see signs such as scare tactics, high-pressure sales tactics, and bullying. You want to choose a contractor who will handle your pool project responsibly from start to finish. 


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