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First Apartment Furniture Essentials List

So you are all set to get the right set of furniture, such as Consignment Sleeper Sofa fountain hills az, for your first apartment. It is high time you ditched the bunk beds and shower caddy. So, get prepared to upgrade your apartment. To help you ease into your apartment, we’ve compiled a furniture essentials list, gathered tips, and assembled a few design ideas which might inspire you.

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What Furniture Do I Need for My First Apartment?

Furnishing a new apartment goes beyond just some nice style and decorations, and you are designing a home that is ‘you.’ This means that your new rug must reflect your colors, your mattress must fit your sleeping style, and your dining table must showcase unique styles. Here is a list of essentials to get you started.

  1. Sofa

Bid your futon goodbye and say hello to a comfy sofa. You can purchase an apartment sofa to save space. It’s a bit bigger than a loveseat but more portable than a full-size sofa. An apartment sofa takes up less room and is suitable for less space. If you need a multipurpose sofa, you can get a sleeper sofa. It will make an awesome piece for your apartment because you can either use it as a sofa or an extra bed for your guests. Now that you’ve gotten your apartment expect more friends and family visits. A good sofa gives you and your guests the comfort you need while hanging out.

  1. Guest Bed

As said earlier, you should expect more friends and family members in your new apartment. Some might even want a sleepover, so you need to get a sofa bed or sleeper. These furnishings give the feel and look of a sofa, and however, you can make them into beds. They are good multipurpose furniture for persons looking to keep it low on the number of things in their apartment while still having their needs.

  1. Recliners and Accent Chairs

Complete the living space with a recliner or chair. You need extra seating when hosting a get-together in your apartment. So whether you are relaxing for a movie night or hanging out with your family or friends, you will have the right number of seats.

  1. Cocktail Ottoman or Coffee Table

You need a coffee table in your living space, and it is the right centerpiece for holding your drinks, decor, magazines,  and remotes. Depending on the length of your living room, you can select the style or size that suits your needs. You can purchase a small piece to hold only your essentials to maximize space.

  1. A New Mattress

One important essential that shouldn’t be omitted is a new mattress. Yes, it is time to throw away that twin-size college mattress and upgrade to a more comfortable king-size bed. Get a good mattress, one that fully supports the body. This makes you sleep well at night.

  1. A Bed Frame

A footboard or headboard will add more beauty to your bedroom and serve an essential purpose. You won’t be laying your head against the wall again. You can also get storage headboards or platform beds incorporating built-in drawers, maximizing the bedroom space.

  1. Desk and Chair

You need a desk and chair in your apartment for your workspace area. You may find it very challenging to work from your couch or counter, so you need a desk to have a focused space. You can get a desk that doesn’t take up all the space in the room. There are nice desks, perfect for your apartment.

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