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Every Pinterest Décor Ever: The Reign of Indoor Plants

Benefits of Having Indoor Plant Walls

Potted succulents and money plants in bottles have given way to entire walls devoured by rich green foliages. Once reserved for outdoors, landscaping has made its way indoors, with the increasing demand for greenery in homes and office spaces alike. This rising demand has brought designers who create custom gardens, both indoors and outdoors. These biophilic designers use an office or home space to create an indoor plant wall, otherwise known as vertical gardens. Trends lean towards the creation of an outdoorsy indoors. Why is the man who built walls to keep away nature, sneaking them in now?

The Rise:

Another meeting, another day, yay!

As the essence of almost every work is becoming artificial, it has become essential to design a workspace rooted in nature. Plant walls help bring greenery to otherwise bland walls and rooms full of machines. These colourful gardens are less demanding than the team leader on the other side of the wall. Plants help alleviate the pressure of enclosed spaces, and bring a sense of serenity to stressful workplaces.

Keep the doctor away.

Apart from being a stress buster, indoor plants have physiological benefits as well. Plants perform complex tasks such as purifying the air, cleaning the toxins and pollutants in the environment, while balancing the room temperature and reducing noise levels in a building. Plant walls take this a step further since they take up less area in a closed room while giving the benefits of having a whole garden.

The Rule:


 Once mastered, a plant wall is a breathable and breathtakingly beautiful reward. Plant walls are low maintenance and are usually self-irrigated. A well-designed plant wall gives a sense of achievement to those working around it in a workplace environment and helps boost employees’ self-esteem and overall morale.

Creative boots: On.

According to the space available, one can create an aesthetically pleasing wall, while being a fashionable environmentalist. Designers introduce new plant wall designs to suit different expenses from compact office rooms to luxurious lobbies, adding style and charisma to elegant buildings. These decors help you play with the art of lighting and shadows to turn a bodgie room into beauty.

The Reign:


Horticultural therapy is an emerging discipline which studies the healing and rehabilitating properties of plants and gardens. Therapeutic Horticulture Australia (THA) aims to facilitate human well-being through activities based in horticulture. Their Dementia Inclusive Gardening focuses on patients with dementia interacting with plants for therapeutic recovery. In an increasingly indoorsy world, indoor plant walls are saviours to humankind.

The Influencing wall

Thousands of followers for posting pictures of ducks? Internet influencers are getting out-of-hand. But without them, who would tell us what the happening hair colour is or how to hide uneven suntans? Most influencers decide new trends on interior designs, and they have decided on the indoor plant wall.

As more people are attempting to replicate the indoor plant wall, it is essential to remember that tons of details go into this work. Hiring specialised designers who understand the science of horticulture and architecture ensures the durability of the living wall. Plant walls are to be planned not to affect the building’s structure or block the lighting. Rest assured, it is the facelift every space ever needs.

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