De Groote Peel National Park

De Groote Peel National Park may be the smallest national park in the Netherlands, it is one of the greatest in terms of splendour. De Groote Peel is ideal for exploration on foot. This unspoilt moorland covers more than 1,400 ha and is on the border between Limburg and Noord-Brabant, in the Meijel - Asten - Nederweert triangle.


This nature park is international class, renowned for its many birds, panoramic and watery landscape. Traces of the past can be found everywhere in this moorland when hard workers dug out peat, the black gold of the Peel.


Buitencentrum De Pelen is at the entrance of De Groote Peel National Park. This nature centre houses a green shop, with maps and folders, as well as a place for food & drinks, with outdoor seating.

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De Groote Peel National Park