Roermond rarely occurs in the list of top five city trips in the Netherlands, which is a real shame because this city in Midden-Limburg offers a whole range of activities and sights.


Roermond has a very rich history. Not only has it been an episcopal city since 1559 - which means many historic church buildings in the centre; it was also the city of Pierre Cuypers, the Netherlands' most important 19th century architect . The city centre therefore has many great looking squares.


And die hard shoppers will love Roermond: this shopping city was elected Best City centre 2009-2011. Little boutiques in monumental houses in the city centre, the Designer Outlet Centre which annually welcomes more than five million fashion-conscious bargain hunters, the Roermond Retail Park and the House and Garden boulevard. You won't know where to start.


Seen enough churches, museums and squares? Roermond is never very far from a green oasis. The Maasplassen are all around the city, they cover 3,000 ha and are the Netherlands' biggest interconnected water sports area. Moreover, Roermond is a great base for hikes, cycling tours or horseback tours through De Meinweg National Park, the Swalmdal, the Leudal and the Roerdal.