Locked in between
dozens of lakes!

Discover Midden-Limburg

Midden-Limburg is a compact and at the same time very extremely versatile area. It is dominated by amazing nature reserves and a vast system of Maasplassen. Apart from its natural beauty and water sports, this region also sets itself apart through its culture and shopping. Midden-Limburg lies on the crossroads of three countries.


If you like water sports, you will feel like a fish in water in the Maasplassen. Apart from sailing and boating you can also enjoy other tours and canoe trips. The many day beaches are ideal for families. Natural beauty is in abundance, with no less than two national parks and various other nature reserves.


Culture aficionados and people with a passion for history will love the culture and shopping cities of Roermond, Thorn and Weert. All across this area you will also find watermills and wind mills, characteristic castles and many monumental sites. The many events and regional products in Midden-Limburg complete the inviting atmosphere.