Ultimate relaxation in Belgium
Landal Mooi Zutendaal
Mooi Zutendaal
Foto Dalvik met water - gras bewerkt
Surrounded by water
at Narvik HomeParc Heelderpeel

Ultimate relaxation in these two beautiful parks

We proudly announce that, as off January 4 2016, Narvik HomeParc Mooi Zutendaal can be booked at Landal GreenParks under the name Landal Mooi Zutendaal. You can make a reservation via the following link:


Narvik HomeParcs has two exclusive parks. Landal Mooi Zutendaal is located in Zutendaal in Belgium and Narvik HomeParc Heelderpeel is located in the Netherlands.


Landal Mooi Zutendaal is on the edge of the Hoge Kempen National Park and is surrounded by forests and fields. Narvik HomeParc Heelderpeel is by a natural lake in an idyllic location near the extensive Maasplassen area.


Both parks offer a quiet holiday experience and pure enjoyment surrounded by natural beauty and are an ideal base to discover Belgian and Dutch Limburg. 

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