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Planning to buy a new home and do not know where to start? It is a struggle to narrow down the list of things one wants while looking for a dream home. Deciding on whether to buy one in a densely populated Brisbane or to opt for a quiet bayside residence by looking for houses for sale in Redland Bay, is a tough choice.

 This list can help in the search for a new residence:

  1. Location Matters:

            The two most important things while looking for prospective homes are location and location. Yes, that is how important the place it is located is. Many factors go into deciding which area is the best, like:-

  • Personal preferences:- Whether one is a beachside lover or a city lover.
  • Work Commute:- Is the place easily accessible for business needs.
  • Neighbourhood:- Is the community compatible with one’s values and interests.
  • Access to essential services:- Proximity of hospitals, schools, parks, and offices.

            One can change the interiors of a house at any point and in any way. But its situation cannot change on a whim. So choose wisely considering one’s interests. The charm of the neighbourhood, traffic, permission to keep pets, access to parks, and public transportation are additional factors to pay attention to while picking a house.

  1. Site:

            Apart from the location, the site is important too.

  •  Does the home have a view of the ocean?
  • Is it situated on a hill?
  • Does it have a walkout basement?
  • Are there a lot of stairs?
  • The proximity of the next building near the home
  • Is the yard suitable for gardening?
  • Do the neighbourhood windows directly face the home
  • Are the driveway elevation and access to the property safe and user-friendly?
  1. The Neighbourhood:

            It is not just the house, surroundings matters too. Even the smallest house in the friendliest neighbourhood can be deeply fulfilling. A great view and good neighbours are the essentials to love one’s new home. Whether the yards are maintained neatly and the general cleanliness of the area matters. Check if the neighbourhood is safe and comfortable for jogging, walks, and playing in parks.

  1. Floor Plan and Size:

            Deciding on the requirements is essential during home-hunting. Consider if an idea is impractical, based on preferences. A four-bedroom and multiple floor house may not be necessary if one is going to be single for the foreseeable future.

 If one dedicates most of their time working from home, such a situation requires dedicated office space. Design the interiors of the house one buys in such a way that it complements one’s lifestyle. An office with a view is a blessing to those who focus more on work.

            Everybody loves more space but decide whether it is essential. Because the more spacious home is, the more expensive it is to maintain. It will cost higher to pay energy bills and taxes. So the interior design has to be considered while making purchase decisions.

  1. Curb Appeal:

            A home should be the reflection of a lifestyle and personal aesthetics. Is a laid-back life more suitable? Then look for seaside locations for houses for sale. Redland Bay area is a prime real-estate location in Australia and is renowned for its fishing community and beaches.

Decide on whether the house should have a victorian appeal or a modern one. Brick homes or contemporary homes suit people who love traditional and unconventional styles, respectively.


            A home is the realisation of a cherished dream. So, check each item and compare it to one’s wishlist. The bedrooms, windows, lighting, and other factors should also come into consideration.

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