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Difference Between Clay Chimney and Pyramid Heater

The two most common things used these days during the winters to warm up the cold freezing hands are either the clay chimney or the pyramid heaters. Both are durable and firm enough to stay strong on the ground. But both have different features and points. Let’s have a look at these two individuals.

  • Clay chimney 

Chimneys were most commonly used in Spain or Mexico for heating and cooking purposes. Chimneys are more freestanding and pretty bulging in size. They come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different sorts of gardens. 

The ultimate design of the chimneys helps to prevent water or rain from entering them. These clay chimneys are vertical structure-wise and hence you don’t have to worry about the smoke.

  • Types of Chimneys 

There are three distinctive types used for constructing chimneys as cast iron, steel, and clay but we are going to talk and emphasize large clay chimneys Uk. Clay chimneys are considered safe when you have children or pets around since it isn’t that hot as compare to steel or iron types. 

Clay chimneys were most commonly used in the back years though it is still largely in use because it gives traditional vibes. The clay chimneys offer a wide or largemouth opening that allows a large amount of air to enter to produce a hot flame.

If you want to give it a more traditional or personal use you can add Aztec designs. The fuel you can opt for can either be wood or charcoal, whatever suits you best. You can use such chimneys for warming up and cooking. 

But a clay chimney has the disadvantage of cracking after some time since it is made with clay but there are always doors of solution. You can prevent its cracking with a protective cover placed on the mouth top.

  • Why Opt for Clay Chimneys

Chimneys occupy a considerably moderate space in the garden and if you are interested in making the backyard more functional then chimneys are a great option. 

Such chimneys tend to keep the flames of the fire with their bulbous body hence it is the safest means of heating and cooking. 

You can use whatever material you wish to but a clay chimney is the best option if you have kids or pets around because the body of the chimneys does not become very hot.

  • Pyramid heaters 

Pyramid heaters are the ultimate symbol of modernization. Pyramid heaters are best for heating and warming and are largely used over a large gathering. 

In easy terms, it can warm up a bundle of people with its heating capacity. It is made up of stainless steel heaters and used over large venues.

  • Structure 

For stability concerns, pyramid heaters come with a large and wide base that has the potential to angle up while moving upwards or towards the top. 

Well if you go a little two-thirds starting from the bottommost the base acts as grid-like shields and that is what allows the flames to do its magic of warming up.

The above all features can help you decide to pick up the best pyramid patio heater UK and with little research and comparison, you can make the right decision.

  • Why use Pyramid Heaters 

There are many beneficial points for pyramid heaters. First, they have a sleek design that adds to the style and design of the surroundings and helps to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere wherever it is used.

Next, it can radiate a large amount of heat and can be used in restaurants or weddings. It is stated it can generate 48,000 BTUs of heat. To add to its beauty a pyramid heater consists of a self-sufficient flame or you can say it has a double lantern.

Also, you can turn the pyramid heaters off whenever you wish to as you don’t need water or other stuff to stop the flame. Also, these are smokeless so creating no air pollution.


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