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Cost of Stretching Carpet

If you are wondering how much does it cost to stretch carpet, there are several factors that go into that determination. Examples of things to be considered include the age of the carpet, was it professionally installed in the beginning and how much foot traffic has the carpet had.

Determine cost

In order the be able to calculate the cost of carpet stretching, you will need to find a few individuals or companies that are reliable in this line of work. Doing a simple search online will usually provide you with carpet installers in your area, and in the majority of cases, you will also find out if a certain company offers good work. You can find out more by asking family or friends for recommendations and this is also another good way to find a company that is reputable and are affordable carpet stretching professionals.

Further information

In those cases where carpet is incredibly old, carpet stretching might not always be able to offer you the results you desire. If this is the case, carpet replacement is normally your better option. However, when picking carpet for your home, it is always advised to spend as much as you are able to afford in order to get a product that is of decent quality and that will provide you with many years’ pleasure and use.


In most cases, you can be expected to pay from $40 to $80 for one room and $120 to $350 if your entire home carpeting need stretching. When you shop around for quotes it might not be the best idea to choose the quote that is cheapest. Rather, select an individual or company having widespread experience and able to guarantee their work, as this will normally offer you with a far more reasonable result in the end.

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