Clothesline Creativity

As obsolete as it may seem, a clothesline can be an excellent way to show that you care about the environment. Besides, it is the most economical clothes drying solution you’ll possibly find. If you also want to stay away from spending your money on expensive dryers that contribute to global warming, you’ll want to work with Aussie Clotheslines & Letterboxes, they are an expert in clotheslines installations. You’ll be able to slash your monthly energy bills, while also enjoying a creative and highly functional clothesline. Just keep reading to the end to see what we are talking about.

Main Benefits To Line Drying

Drying appliances require the burning of about 900 lbs of coal per year. Line-drying can help save this finite natural resource.

Power generation results in massive carbon emissions. By simply installing and using a clothesline, you can reduce global pollution by a significant amount.

Line drying is good for your clothing! You’ll save money by not having to replace various items in your wardrobe often since line drying doesn’t add to the regular wear and tear of your clothing. Also, it doesn’t damage your delicate items.

Specialist estimations show that running a clothes dryer accounts for 6% to 10% of a household’s energy consumption.

Before embracing this new clothes drying trend, though, you should seek out advice from experts in clothesline installations.

Drying clothing items and linen on clotheslines are energy-efficient. It also helps clothes last longer and looks like new for a longer time, because it is easier on your laundry than a clothes dryer. Furthermore, using a clothesline can be a great exercise to help you stay healthy and fit. Last but not least, hanging your clothes to dry outdoors is completely free of charge, as air and sunlight are free. If you want to go this route, make sure you choose a clothesline that suits your home and your lifestyle. Some of the best ones are adjustable and even collapsible when not in use. Other models feature lines that spin, in order for you to avoid moving your laundry basket around as you progress.

Tips For Hanging Your Clothes On A Clothesline

Whether you have your clothesline installed indoor or outdoor, the following tips will help you hang your clothes like a pro and prevent those nasty wrinkles that are so difficult to iron out.

Shake each item very well before you pin it to the line. This will help reduce wrinkles and save you time and effort while ironing. Once you finish hanging each item, tug the bottom corners to reduce wrinkling even further.

Another excellent method to reduce wrinkling is to fold your dry clothes as soon as you remove them from the line. If you just cram everything into a laundry basket and leave it like that for hours, you’ll have a hard time ironing everything.

To prevent the fading effect of UV rays, place your clothesline in the shadow. When it comes to white laundry, the opposite works: running your clothesline north to south would allow you to take full advantage of direct sunlight exposure. For best results, always hang white items that need bleaching outdoors, in the sun. Use interior clotheslines for colored items that need protection against fading.

Choose a clothesline with coated lines to prevent rust from appearing. In addition, coated lines are more durable and will not sag as natural lines do. Always wipe down lines with a cloth before using, in order to remove dust, dirt and debris. 

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