Choosing the right Runner Rug for a tight space


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had a long, narrow area that was unoccupied and had no idea what to do with it? After all, every home is made up of the tiniest of elements that come together to form a larger total. It is at this point that a runner rug comes into play. 

A long, rectangular rug is appropriate for hallways and entryways, as well as other locations with a significant volume of foot activity. These rugs not only have a significant visual impact in a small space, but they also preserve your flooring. Furthermore, they are dirt-resistant, friendly, and help to create the tone of your home from the minute a visitor walks through the door. 

Runner rugs have earned a great deal of popularity all around the world and have been in style for quite some time. When it comes to filling long, narrow spaces, a rectangular runner rug is the go-to décor element for many interior designers since it creates the appearance of lengthening a particular room. Is it, on the other hand, still a worthwhile investment?

Let’s have a look at the advantages of having a runner rug in your home.

  1. First and foremost, a rectangle runner rug is a simple and effective method to give more edge to the design of your home’s empty areas without having to do any work. They provide character, comfort, and a sense of direction to a space, and they are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs. With a runner rug, the options are boundless. From boho-maximalist design to classy neutrals with geometric print, the possibilities are endless. When shopping for a runner rug online, be sure to go through the patterns to find ones that compliments the existing décor motif in your home.
  1. Runner rugs are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in your house, as this is where your flooring is most likely to be damaged by foot traffic and spills. Using a long-lasting rectangular runner rug in high-traffic areas such as the hallway or stairwell can also assist to protect the floor from dirt, shedding, spills, and other damage, which is especially important if you have hardwood flooring.
  1. Because a narrow and long hallway trick us into believing that there is a destination at the end, runner rugs are frequently used to guide guests towards designated areas in your home, providing a sense of direction.  That feeling of direction may be especially helpful in large open-plan rooms, and it can be a beautiful addition to the space when done in a tasteful and creative manner.

If you are confident that a rectangle rug will be a welcome addition to your house, here are six tips to bear in mind while purchasing a runner rug online.

1. Size

For the same reasons that you would choose a rug for any other room in your house, runner rugs must be the proper size for the space in which they will be used. While the design of your runner rug should always fit the layout of your hallway (or whatever long and narrow room you want to place it in), establishing the length and breadth of your runner rug is critical to ensuring that it looks nice in the space. 

The normal runner rug size is between 2 and 3 feet broad and may be anywhere from 6 to 14 feet in length depending on the manufacturer. Keep in mind that while measuring the area, you should allow 4 to 5 inches of flooring visible on both sides of your rectangle runner rug, otherwise the rug will curl up and along the edges of the wall.

2. Symmetry

If you have a hallway that is somewhat long, you will most likely have extra room on each side and end of the rug, which should be OK as long as the rug is put in the center of the corridor. If you are looking for a runner rug, keep in mind that they are not often regarded to be as significant a décor feature as an area rug. However, there is no reason why you cannot discover a fantastic runner rug online that preserves and even improves the visual symmetry of your house.

3. Material

Because runner rugs are intended for heavy foot traffic areas and are subjected to a great deal of filth, the material used to make them should be carefully considered. While a flatweave jute or cotton rug would be appropriate for a compact space with little foot traffic in a house with no children or pets, a woolen rectangle rug would be more appropriate for a busy household with children and dogs, as well as for families that entertain frequently. 

In rugs, wool may be stretched by 30% while maintaining its original shape. It is one of the most durable natural fibers available, and also one of the most expensive.

4. Decide on the most appropriate design

When it comes to runner rugs, style and functionality go hand in hand. Whether it’s a grey runner in wool with geometric designs for your foyer or a shaggy runner for providing additional comfort to the side of your bed, style and functionality go hand in hand. 

From traditional rugs to modern rugs and everything in between, transitional rugs, solid and natural-fiber rugs, and more, they give a touch of elegance to any place when the design and pattern are just appropriate for the space. You may also layer your runner rugs by placing the larger one beneath a shorter one, therefore varying their visual appeal and functionality.

5. Selecting the Proper Color for Your Home

Runner rugs, like everything else in your house, require careful consideration when it comes to selecting the appropriate color. If selected right, it may serve as a reflection of your home’s individuality and, when put in the hallway, can assist to quickly establish the tone of the entire house. 

By selecting the proper colored rugs for your doorway, you may influence the message that is conveyed to visitors. Choose from neutral palettes that are soothing to vibrant colors that are striking.

6. Texture is vital in design

Runner rugs are available in a number of shapes and sizes, just as they are available in a broad array of designs. You may choose between a shaggy runner if you choose comfort and glam over practicality and a grey runner made of jute or wool if you want something that will last a long time and will endure wear and tear and spills. 

They are incredibly easy to keep clean and are a fantastic option for corridors because of their flat weave design.

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