Break the visual set up of the hallway space with smart furniture

Hallway furniture should be decorative and functional. It creates the first impression on your guest, but are most often the most neglected area of the house. But transforming the entrance hall is easy with some smart furniture and simple decorating tips, instead of simply making it the dumping ground.

Add the focal point of interest that enhances the style of the hallway and make it the most dynamic space of your home. Hallways and the stairwells are the perfect spots to add more colours to the home. The hallway is typically the smallest space of the home. But at times small is beautiful. The smaller hallway can be made to look bigger with lighter shades of wall paints. But do not be afraid to experiment with other colours.

Add some green plants to create a welcoming environment. Use a large piece of statement furniture such as a narrow console, ledge or shelf to add an impressive look to even the small space. Selecting the furniture of the right size and shape is the trick, considering the space availability in the hallway. Add some simple attractive line of plants along with pretty pictures and photo frames to complete the decoration. Plants and planters form the important piece of decorations to any space and make it instantly lively.

Focus on the functional part of the hallway. Position the mirror on one wall so that it will bounce the light around and help in making space look larger than it is, along with functioning to help you have a last look to check your appearance before leaving home.

It is important to set up the hallway clutter-free, and for this, the best tip is to invest in some practical storage units such as the seat with built-in storage, console table with drawers,  boxes, baskets, rail or pegs to hang the coats, umbrella and hats, shelves to store the keys and much more. Storage is the key functional requirement of the hallway.

Maximise the decorative units with open storage units that serve as an attractive unit to store your things. Use the hallway oak furniture such as the chest of drawers to add personality to space and decorate it with simple decorative items on it.

Be sure to add character to every inch of the space.  Even a small piece of the well-built bench that is nicely placed and neatly decorated can add function to the otherwise unused space. A straight seating area with storage unit underneath is functional in hiding the shoes apart from visually elongating the smaller place. Use a cushion pad for the themed colour to add beauty to the room.

For a country feel, use the simple natural finished furniture such as a bench that gives the relaxed look.  It offers a rustic look, and the area under the bench can be utilised to display the authentic accessories to complete the look.

The last one is ample lighting.  Small hallways would lack the windows. Using the mirror offers a light enhancing solution as it reflects light. Use decorative lighting to add enough light an create a homely vibe.

To sum up, ease and elegant look can be created by picking the right furniture, mirrors, storage spaces and decorative light.

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