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7 Essential Items You Should Not Keep in Your Bathroom

It is common for us people to keep some of our essential items in the bathroom. This is because the items can be easily accessed, especially if we want to enjoy some leisure time in the bathroom. However, bathrooms are usually wet and humid, so keeping essential items in them may not always be a good idea. Here are seven things you may want to consider storing in another place.

First of all, are the medications. Medications like birth control pills and other capsules are prone to expire faster when placed in environments that have a lot of moisture and heat, like bathrooms. Another item you should also store in a different place is your cosmetics. Heat and humidity can cause make-up to degenerate and spoil. Try storing them in your bedroom instead to keep them safe.

Fragrances should also be stored in other places. Once they are opened, their natural reaction would be to degenerate but keeping them in the bathroom can cause the oxidation process to speed up. Pieces of jewelry are prone to rust and tarnish if they are kept in a place with a lot of moisture. Try keeping them in a jewelry box or some other dry room. 

Mold loves paper, so your books and magazines should be kept on a shelf outside of your bathroom. We understand that some people love to relax in the bathroom, which is why they even have bath and shower remodeling projects but keeping these books someplace else can save their quality. Electronics should also not be left in the bathroom. Try investing in a waterproof device instead. Lastly, keep your towels in a linen closet outside the bathroom to keep them smelling fresh.

These are seven essential items you shouldn’t keep in your bathroom. If you want to know more, here’s an infographic by DuraCare baths, one of the leading bath fitters that can answer your tub to shower remodel questions. 

7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom Duracarebaths

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